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Trivia: The Pizza Planet truck is visible cheering on the right side of the track at the World Grand Prix in Radiator Springs at the end of the movie. (01:37:45)

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Trivia: During the last race in London, Lightening passes by a sign that is advertising Lassetyre. That is a shout out to John Lasseter one of the directors of the movie.

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Trivia: Characters from Pixar's following feature, Brave, can be seen (as cars) in a piece of artwork on the wall in the pub in London.


Trivia: While racing in Paris (also in the closing credits) you can spot a sign for a restaurant called "Gastows" which is a shout-out to Gusto's restaurant in Ratatouille.

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Trivia: When McQueen and Mater are driving through Radiator Springs, they pass a marquee for the drive-in theatre that is said to be playing a movie called The Incredimobiles - a reference to The Incredibles.

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Trivia: Mark Winterbottom makes a brief voice cameo as the Aussie V8 Supercar named Frosty (his real life nickname).


Trivia: The film soundtrack features Weezer's cover version of the Cars' "You Might Think." Cars front man Ric Ocasek produced Weezer's debut album.

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Cars 2 mistake picture

Trivia: On any poster with the Globe, to the left of the Cars 2 sign there is an island the shape of Finn in the Caribbean. There are also lands in the shape of cars elsewhere - Mater in Canada and Lightning McQueen in the UK.

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Trivia: When the other cars beat up Grem and Acer in the Ye Left Turn Inn in London, you can hear the Wilhelm scream.

Plot hole: There is no reason for there to be sinks in the bathrooms. The cars may be able to use sinks just as they use toilets, but in the bathrooms they are too small and too inaccessible for any use.


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Uncle Topolino: A wise car hears one word and understands two.

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Question: How do the lemons discover Leland Turbo?

Answer: They heard him recording the message to Finn and found his words suspicious.

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