Lilo & Stitch 2: Stitch Has a Glitch
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Agent Pleakley: I think I should drive.
Nani: Two eyes, my car, I'm driving.

Stitch: Stitch not bad. Stitch fluffy.

Nani: I'm sure my sister is very sorry and didn't mean it.
Lilo: Very sorry.
Nani: See?
Lilo: But I did mean it.
Nani: Lilo.
Lilo: Next time, Myrtle's goin' down! She's goin' way down.
Nani: No more pro-wrestling for you.

Stitch: Uh-oh. Badness coming on.

Lilo: What if I mess up? And Myrtle laughs at me? And I get mad? And I pound her?

Agent Pleakley: Sorry, can't help you. I have a full day of Earth research ahead of me.
Nani: You mean watching talk shows and reading gossip magazines?
Agent Pleakley: Yeah. It really takes it out of ya.

Continuity mistake: Stitch, toward the end of the movie, scratches Lilo on her face just before he runs away to try to leave the planet. Lilo goes on stage to do her song and the scratches to her face are now gone.


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Question: I don't get it, how is it that Stitch's glitch was happening in this movie and didn't happen in the first movie?

Answer: It has to do with his molecules breaking down. In this film, he needs to have his molecules "charged". They had not broken down enough in the first film to cause the glitch.


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