A Night at the Roxbury

A Night at the Roxbury (1998)

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Corrected entry: Towards the end of the film, when the brothers are driving, through the front grill of the car and the fan is visible yet is not moving. The fan spins when the car is running.


Correction: No, it's an electric fan, operated by a clutch, which only comes on when the engine needs cooling, as opposed to a fan driven by a fan belt, which would turn with the engine speed. The electric fans also allow air to be drawn through the radiator when the car is not moving.


Corrected entry: When Doug is talking to the credit card chick when he's in the convenience store a girl in the background at the credit card place places something on the wall of her cubicle, but the next time you see it, its gone.

Correction: From the movement and the look of the girl in the next cubical you can tell she took it and takes a look at it.


Corrected entry: When Steve and Doug are walking to their dad's shop if you look closely at the stores they pass, while walking one direction they walk past "Bright Idea" Emily's dad's store that's supposed to be next door to their dad's store then they walk a different direction and go into the silk shop but where's "Bright Idea"?

Correction: They walk around the block several times because they like to prance. They don't go straight to the shop. They even pass "Bright Idea" more than once. Also "Bright Idea" is on the left of the shop, but they walk to the entrance of the shop from the right.


Corrected entry: In the scene where Steve and Doug are shaking their heads, it clearly shows the window next to Doug breaking. However, in the next scene the window is fixed.

Correction: The window isn't fixed, they just removed the glass splinters (or would you drive the whole evening with broken glass next to you?).


Corrected entry: When Steve and Doug are in the kitchen and Doug explains the benefits of the "health shake" he is making in the blender, Doug states that it helps him reach his physical...and then there's a brief pause and then he says "peak" but you can hardly understand it. It's as if Doug didn't know what word to say.

Leonard Hassen

Correction: The reason he pauses is because his dad starts to pour out the shake.

Continuity mistake: When Steve and Doug first go to the Roxbury, the bouncer tells them that they can't go in. Then, Richard pulls up in his yellow sports car, and goes into the club, leaving Steve and Doug behind. As Steve and Doug walk to the back of the line, you can see Richard's car parked about 20 feet away from the entrance to the club. Nobody moved it. How did it get there? (00:06:15 - 00:06:40)

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Kamehl Butabi: What are you doing? You come in to my store and cut up my plants and make toys of them.
Doug Butabi: It's NOT a toy! It's a club with a jungle theme.
Kamehl Butabi: You're a jungle theme.

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