It's Kind of a Funny Story

Trivia: At one point, you can see Craig reading the book "Be More Chill." The book was written by Ned Vizzini, who was also the author of the novel "It's Kind of a Funny Story" on which this film is based.


Trivia: The film is based on a book by Ned Vizzini. Vizzini based the book on his own stay at a hospital while dealing with severe clinical depression. Tragically, Vizzini lost his battle to depression and committed suicide in 2013, three years after the film and seven years after the novel was published.


Bobby: I don't get wrapped up in a bunch of stuff I can't have.
Johnny: Relax, it's just for fun, bro.
Bobby: That's not fun. That's propaganda, man. All those Madison Avenue types telling you how to live your life. Fast cars, hot chicks... Reese's Pieces... Gucci... Werther's Original. I don't buy into that bullshit.

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