Other mistake: The wedding is officiated in Illinois but the cop car is from Wisconsin.

Continuity mistake: In the wedding scene, just as the band Wilson Phillips walks in to sing, Annie turns to Helen asking "Really?" with a disappointed look on her face. When the camera zooms out to Wilson Phillips, in the background Annie, Helen and the rest of the bridesmaids are seen to be happily dancing and singing along. Then the shot again zooms into Annie and Helen, where Annie and Helen have just stopped looking at each other, prior to starting to dance and sing along.

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Becca: You smell like pine needles, and have a face like sunshine!

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Trivia: The scene where all the ladies meet at the engagement party is mostly improvised.

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Answer: The driver behind her couldn't see her brake lights and didn't realise she was stopping.

Brian Katcher

Plus the driver was also driving really close to her.


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