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Corrected entry: At the beginning of the film, Kristen Wiig is leaving Jon Hamm's house. When the gate won't open, she tosses her purse over the wall before trying to climb over herself. The gate opens when she's halfway over, cutting to an exterior shot, and the purse is nowhere to be seen. (00:04:10)

Correction: You can see the purse on the ground, it's not in the original spot because it gets pushed by the opening gate.


Corrected entry: Rhode Island Police don't wear blue shirts. (01:15:30 - 01:20:00)

Correction: The movie is set in Wisconsin, not Rhode Island.

Continuity mistake: When Annie is sitting on the couch at her blind date's house, talking to his kid, her pearl-like necklace usually lays under her coat, but in some shots, they're over the coat or completely hidden.


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Ted: This is so awkward. I really want you to leave, but I don't know how to say it without sounding like a dick.

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Trivia: Rock singer Peter Frampton's daughter plays the teen in the jewelry store that causes Annie to lose her job.

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Answer: The driver behind her couldn't see her brake lights and didn't realise she was stopping.

Brian Katcher

Plus the driver was also driving really close to her.


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