Carry on Henry

Carry on Henry (1971)

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Continuity mistake: When the farmer threatens Henry VIII with a fork after he catches him in the barn with his daughter, you can see that Henry is holding on the fork and it is well away from his body, but in the next shot the fork is pointing near Henry's face.


Audio problem: When Sir Roger says "I'm only next door" when leaving Queen Marie's bedroom, his mouth does not move.

Continuity mistake: When Henry VIII is playing tiddly winks with Marie in bed, the position of the discs on the board change between shots.

Revealing mistake: When Lord Hampton and his men attempt to blow up the gates to rescue Queen Marie from the Tower towards the end of the movie, the gunpowder fuse goes out. You can see that the line of gunpowder does not even the reach the barrel.

Audio problem: When Henry VIII runs out of the cowshed from the irate farmer, he says "Give me my money back!" but his lips aren't moving.

Revealing mistake: When Henry VIII runs out of the cowshed from the irate farmer, you can see it is not Sid James but his stunt double.

Cardinal Wolsey: A drink, Ma'am?
Queen Marie: Thank you.
Cardinal Wolsey: I can heartily recommend the porter here.
Queen Marie: Really? Then do send him up to my room later.

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Trivia: Singer David Essex had half a day's work on this "Carry On" as a page boy, but his performance sadly ended up on the cutting room floor during the editing stage of the movie.

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