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Correction: They were both sent to Earth via supernatural means. Normal laws of physics don't apply.

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Corrected entry: In the scene at the crater when Thor breaks in and then is fighting the giant SHIELD guard, the fight ends up outside, and it is pouring rain. Thor and the guard are both soaking wet during the entire fight. However, when the camera cuts to shots of Hawkeye, who is watching the fight from an open platform above them, Hawkeye is completely dry. The scene shows him out in the open with no covering and there are several clear shots of Hawkeye's face, but there is not a single drop of water on him.

Correction: I just watched that scene again and he is soaking wet. Any parts where his face is dry is due to him looking down from a high angle and the rain is coming from behind him. Otherwise he is definitely wet.

Corrected entry: At the end when Loki goes to lock the Bifrost on Jotunheim carrying Odin's staff, he slides the staff into the machinery to open the Bifrost. He freezes the electrical arcs along with Odin's Staff. Thor comes in to stop him and he's holding the Odin's Staff again.

Correction: He actually put the sword in the first time, not the staff.

Corrected entry: When Thor catches his hammer just before he fights the Destroyer, he catches it with his right hand. When we see him on the bolt of lightning, he is holding it in his left hand.


Correction: He always holds it with his right hand. When you see him inside the bolt, he has his back turned at the destroyer.

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Corrected entry: In all scenes taking place within the activated Bifrost, the outside of the structure is rotating but from the inside the windows and doors show no rotation and during the final fight between Thor and Loki they move from the inside to the outside.

Correction: When active, the two opposing openings on the outer shell of the Bifrost line up neatly with those on the inner shell, allowing entry and exit both towards Asgard and along the Bifrost itself. When Thor and Loki's battle moves from the interior to the exterior, they visibly smash through both layers of the structure - a considerable amount of debris is seen flying outward from their exit point.

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Corrected entry: Just before Thor returns to Asgard, he and Jane are talking before they kiss, and in this continuous shot they are virtually the same height. However, in the rest of the movie, Jane is significantly shorter than Thor whenever they are pictured together.


Correction: If you look at the horizon throughout that shot, clearly visible between Thor and Jane, it's inclined at a considerable angle. The camera is simply tilted to make a more aesthetically pleasing shot of the two conversing and kissing.

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Corrected entry: At the end when Loki goes to lock the Bifrost on Jotunheim, he's carrying Odin's staff and wearing a helmet. He slides the staff into the machinery to open the Bifrost then freezes the electrical streams (with the staff in the middle of it) and his helmet is gone. Thor comes in to stop him and he's got the staff back from inside the ice and his helmet is back.

Correction: This has been corrected before because it is in fact two mistakes in one - the position of Loki's staff and the position of Loki's helmet. This violates one of this site's rules. Again, please resubmit each mistake **individually**.


Corrected entry: When Thor and Erik (the professor) are having a drink at the bar, Erik nearly finishes his drink then the scene changes and hes only just started again.


Correction: Erik and Thor only start drinking when they receive the boilermakers. Erik takes few good gulps and wants to end it about 20 percent through, but he sees Thor gulping it all in and he decides to do the same, with his glass still about 80 percent full. It doesn't cut to him just starting again.


Corrected entry: Odin arrives on Frost giant world on a horse. Saves everyone and zips back to Asgard. Where did the horse go?

Correction: Sleipnir, Odin's steed, described to be the best horse of all in Norse mythology, somehow found its way home. Even though the horse didn't arrive at the same time as the others, I'm pretty sure Heimdall got Sleipnir home.


Corrected entry: The white pick-up in which Stan Lee makes his cameo can be seen driving by in the background when Thor and co are having breakfast in the bar, it's still missing the rear part of the body.

Correction: This is not trivia. it is far too obvious.


Corrected entry: In the diner scene where Thor smashes the coffee cup, the busted pick up Stan Lee used to try and pull Mjolnir from the crater can be seen driving past just after Jane says "Alright well no more smashing, Deal?"

Correction: This is not trivia. it is obvious.


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Thor: These people are innocent. You cannot sacrifice an entire race!
Loki: Then die with them.

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Trivia: Stan Lee makes his customary appearance as the driver of the white pickup truck that tries to free Mjolnir from the ground. (00:36:10)


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