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Continuity mistake: When Hobbs and Dom are fighting, there is a shot where there is a yellow hammer by Hobbs' head, which disappears instantly. (01:32:25)

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Revealing mistake: When Vince drives off with the first car out of the train, tyre marks from previous takes can be seen in the sand. (00:11:00)

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Audio problem: When Hobbs gets out of his "four wheeled tank", he readies his M4 and there is a sound of him cocking it. However, his free hand is nowhere near either the M4 itself, or the underbarrel shotgun. (01:29:50)


Revealing mistake: Dom pours petrol over the money to make a point to Reyes. When he does, he pours a small bit on the top and chucks the can away. When he throws the lighter, the entire mound goes up instantly. Even areas with no petrol, and nowhere near the lighter. (00:47:05)

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Suggested correction: Petrol is a liquid and as such it will run down from the top as well as the splashing of him pouring it. It will all go up instantly same as if you petrol to start a bonfire.

Clearly not seen the scene. The amount of petrol that is poured is nowhere near enough to cover the entire mound as shown. Even with the liquid splashing and sloshing all over as it's poured.

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Continuity mistake: When O'Connor blocks the bus on the two-lane highway with his vehicle, the bus swerves around his car towards the shoulder, clips the right rear of the car, and breaks the vehicle's rear window. In the next shot, the bus reverses angles, flips over the left rear of O'Connor's car nearest the center line, becomes airborne, and then rolls over and over down the center of the highway. If it had continued on its initial trajectory, it would have crushed his vehicle and continued onto the shoulder. (00:01:45)


Revealing mistake: Reyes shuts the safe after putting a price on Brian and Dom's heads. We see him close the safe from a camera angle inside the safe. When the safe is shut there is a light reflected on the inside of the door that can't be coming from anything that's known to be in the safe - must be the camera or similar. (00:55:25)

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Continuity mistake: In the first film, Vince gets his arm caught up in steel wire while hijacking a lorry. We then see he has scars up his arm. However when we first see Vince in this film the scars are no longer present. They then show up again inside the house.

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Other mistake: When Dom and Brian are speeding alongside the train, in some shots Brian's shirt is billowing, in others it's not, despite travelling extremely fast and being outside. (00:15:35)

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Continuity mistake: In the scene where Hobbs confronts Dominic for the first time at the location where all of the drivers go to race, Hobbs and everyone he is with aim their guns towards Dominic. Officer Neves pulls her gun out as well but when the shot shows the whole group and Dominic says "This is Brazil!", Officer Neves has both of her hands at her sides. Right before it cuts back to her, you can see her start to reach for her gun. But the next shot shows her holding her gun out already, not just pulling it out. (01:11:00)


Other mistake: Hobbs asks to see all footage from "in and around Waterloo station." The technician is then asked to "bring up cameras 58 through 62." 5 cameras to cover the entirety of that area is laughable.

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Continuity mistake: After Brian and Dominic leave, Elena turns her head to the right and looks at the safe. When the angle changes she is looking to the opposite side and repeats the previous movement.

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Other mistake: In the final chase scene with the vault when Brian is in reverse and Dom is pulling, Brian stops to take out the two bikers. The vault stops too but in Dom would still be pulling it since there was no communication, plus the inertia of the vault would have dragged Brian or smashed Dom.

Factual error: At the end we see Loco and Santos in casinos in Monte Carlo. However the roulette wheel has a 00 and a 0 on it (Green slots). The double zero tables are never found in Monte Carlo. (01:54:00)

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Revealing mistake: When Neves is driving Hobbs' reinforced 4x4 and Vince is talking about his son Nico, Look through the windscreen and the background is the same shot constantly. It's them driving past a telegraph pole towards green trees that never get closer despite driving down the same road for nearly a minute at speed. (01:33:30)

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Continuity mistake: When Roman realises he is going to be the one to go into the police station, he has his arm out to the side. Camera changes and now it is on the desk in front of him. (00:54:20)

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Continuity mistake: When the bus is rolling at the start we see a shot where some windows and yellow foam come flying out of the bus. Camera changes and then we see the bus roll and the windows and foam come out again. (00:01:55)

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Continuity mistake: When Toretto and Hobbs fight in the garage, for a brief shot the number of glasses on the mirror decreases, only to magically increase again a shot later.

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Continuity mistake: After they bring the thong with the hand print, the antenna next to the computer is either straight or skewed depending on the shot.

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Trivia: When Hobbs gets confirmation on the identities of everyone involved with Dom (excluding Brian and Mia), when Han's name and picture comes up it reads "Han Seoul-Oh" which is a play off "Han Solo" from the original "Star Wars" trilogy.

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Question: Something I didn't quite understand: when Hobbs and his team learn of Reyes from getting the information of the owner of the car, Neves says that if there's anything illegal going on in Rio that Reyes is involved. Then later in the film when Dom goes to her place to get his necklace, they talk and she says "Reyes owns this favela now". It seemed as though she did not show her knowledge of Reyes to Hobbs and his team by her use of "If". So is that a character mistake or was she pretending?

Answer: You probably didn't understand that when she spoke to Hobbs, she meant that Reyes is behind everything illegal. Not a mistake.

Anastasios Anastasatos

And that he literally owns the Favela, which is separate from his illegal activities. Remember he talked about the Spaniards and the Portuguese and how they conquered Brazil. He owns the Favela by providing water and electricity and daycare to the people, making him necessary in their life and willing to do anything to keep those things.

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