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Corrected entry: When the bomb explodes the whole train is consumed by flames. The device is apparently located in one carriage and any explosion would be localized to an extent and would likely derail that part of the train, but the whole train explodes as if it was pumped full of gas.

Correction: The bomb was intentionally exploded when another train carrying fuel tanks was coming the other direction.

Corrected entry: The scene where Captain Stevens is in the chamber and listening to the recording of his father's speech, the word wav is mis-spelled as wave.

Correction: A wave file is a valid audio file.

Corrected entry: After Captain Stevens points the Colt .38 revolver at passenger George Troxel, he has it in his hand as he sees Derek Frost leaving. Seconds later he jumps off the train to chase Frost, and he rolls several hundred feet before coming to a rest right next to the revolver which is now lying on the ground at the exact spot he stopped tumbling. (00:57:50)

Correction: If you watch when he lands, falls and starts rolling, you will see the gun fly off screen to the right. Yes it's a coincidence that he reaches it as he stops rolling, but not impossible. The gun definitely comes out of his hand and flies off, though.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Colter looks at Derek Frost's license in his wallet, his city/state are listed as Northfield, ILL. Three-letter state abbreviations are outdated. Later when Goodwin and Rutledge are showing the various passengers' ID's on a computer screen, Frost's license now lists his city/state as Chicago, IL. Different city, and the current style 2-letter state abbreviation.

Cal K.

Correction: My mother has a driver's license from the state of Florida that is LAMINATED PAPER. They stopped making those in the mid-1990s. As long as she renews her license, they send her a sticker, but not a new one. She has updated her address several times since. The new address is in the DMV system.

shortdanzr Premium member

Corrected entry: In the finishing scene when both Protagonists stand in front of the Cloud Gate in Chicago when the camera moves around behind them and then "flies into" the Cloud Gate, Jake Gyllenhaal's body double is noticeable for he has substantially longer hair.

Correction: That isn't Jake Gyllenhaal's body double. It's Sean Fentress, the man who's life was replaced by Colter Stevens on the train in order to stop the bombing. It would be a mistake to show Colter Stevens' face. Everybody in the film sees him as Sean Fentress, this is demonstrated when Colter goes to the bathroom and sees himself as Sean reflected in the mirror.


Corrected entry: The second time Captain Stevens enters the source code, Christina calls him "Brian" instead of "Sean". "Brian" is the name of her ex-boyfriend - the one who keeps calling her on her cell phone.

Correction: Christina's not calling Brian to Sean. She picks her phone, see's it's Brian who's calling her and states his name so.

Factual error: Several uniform items on USAF Captain Colleen Goodwin are incorrect. She is missing several ribbons and then ones she does have are out of order. A USAF Capt would have a Basic Military Training ribbon and (probably) at least one Good Conduct ribbon and one Longevity ribbon. It is also unlikely that she has enough time in service to be wearing the Kuwait Liberation Medal ribbons. The ribbons she is wearing are out of order. The correct order is from top left: Air Medal, Joint Service Achievement Medal (JSAM), Organizational Excellence Award, Kuwait Liberation Medal (Saudi Arabia), Kuwait Liberation Medal (Emerate of Kuwait). (In the movie, Capt Goodwin is wearing from top left: Org Excellence, Air Medal, JSAM, KLM-SA, KLM-Kuwait). The blue name tag is not worn on the USAF service coat. It should be nickel plated with a matte finish.

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Question: Why does the train where the action takes place have the locomotive as the last car? When two trains pass each other at one moment, the others locomotive is at the beginning.


Chosen answer: Trains that shuttle back and forth on shorter stretches don't usually turn around at the terminus. They simply go "backwards". So, in one direction the loco is in the front, on the way back it's at the end of the train.


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