The Lincoln Lawyer
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Continuity mistake: When Mick and Maggie are talking in the kitchen after spending the night together, Mick pours himself a glass of orange juice and sets the carton down on the counter. The carton is initially in front of the glass, but then moves to sitting next to it. (00:43:55)

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The Lincoln Lawyer mistake picture

Continuity mistake: When Ted Minton announces he plans to call a rebuttal witness, he is twirling his pen with his fingers. In the next shot, his hands are instantly clasped together in his lap. (01:26:25)

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Continuity mistake: When Mick got shot by Mary, the bullet goes to the left side of his upper body. After falling down, he uses his right arm for calling 911. In the next scene, he comes out of the hospital with an arm sling on his right arm.


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Eddie Vogel: How's it hanging, counselor?
Mick Haller: A little to the left.

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