The Lincoln Lawyer

Corrected entry: The Colt pistol's box is form fitted for a revolver, not a semi-automatic and the gun was described as having pearl grips but shown with wooden grips.

Correction: The gun used by Mick is a semi-automatic acquired for him by his driver and not the Colt Woodsman. The revolver was stolen by Roulet, and is the gun used by his mother, Mrs Winter, to shoot Mick near the end. After Mick fires back and she falls the gun hits the floor. It appears to be a revolver and the handle appears white in keeping with the idea of a pearl handle.


Continuity mistake: When Mick got shot by Mary, the bullet goes to the left side of his upper body. After falling down, he uses his right arm for calling 911. In the next scene, he comes out of the hospital with an arm sling on his right arm.


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Eddie Vogel: How's it hanging, counselor?
Mick Haller: A little to the left.

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