Carry on Abroad

Trivia: There was no music played during the filming of the party scene, so the cast members had to improvise their own dance steps as the scene continued. Although music was added to the final film later in production, you will notice that some of the actors are dancing too fast or doing the wrong steps to the music.


Trivia: Look at the name of the technical adviser in the opening credits - it's "Sun Tan Lo Tion".


Trivia: Kenneth Williams completely ignored David Kernan during the six weeks of filming.


Trivia: When Pepe orders the evacuation of the hotel at the end of the movie, a group of holidaymakers run down the corridor and David Kernan, Sally Geeson and Joan Sims quite noticeably fall over. This was not scripted and left in the final print.


Trivia: This was the final "Carry On" movie to feature Charles Hawtrey. Apparently, the actor's addiction to alcohol had worsened since making "Carry On Cowboy" and producer Peter Rogers said this made Hawtrey rather difficult and impossible to deal with, even having to give him black coffee before going in front of the camera. At the end of the filming, the crew's patience had run out and Hawtrey was subsequently fired.

Trivia: First and only "Carry On" film for Gail Grainger. She replaced Valerie Leon, who was unavailable.

Trivia: Despite receiving prominent billing, Hattie Jacques has only four minutes of screen time.

Trivia: Even though Amelia Bayntun plays Charles Hawtrey's mother, she was five years his junior in real life.

Trivia: The film has the highest number of "Carry On" regulars: a total of eleven. The only ones who are missing are Jim Dale and Terry Scott.

Trivia: In this movie Jimmy Logan goes out of his hotel room and onto a balcony which collapses and he falls into a vat of wet cement. The 'wet cement' you see is actually porridge coloured grey.

Revealing mistake: When Bernard Bresslaw punches the guard who is grabbing hold of his girlfriend during the fight at the market, you can see that his fist never makes any contact with the guard's face.

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Stuart Farquhar: Please, Miss Plunkett, you're squashing my itinerary.
Moira Plunkett: Oh, I'm terribly sorry. I keep on forgetting what a big girl I am now.
Stuart Farquhar: Quite, shall we get them out now?
Moira Plunkett: Why, Mr Farquhar.
Stuart Farquhar: The people for the coach, I mean.
Moira Plunkett: Oh, those. Yes, of course.

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