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Carry on Abroad (1972)

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Corrected entry: Pepe wasn't expecting any guests, yet he has letters for Stuart on arrival.

Correction: Pepe tells the workers that he is expecting English people for happy holidays and later tells Kenneth Williams "certainly I am expecting, my wife is also expecting."

Continuity mistake: When it starts to rain while on the terrace, Kenneth Williams gets under the umbrella table on the right, but in the very next shot he is seen on the left waving his arms in the air.

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Stuart Farquhar: Please, Miss Plunkett, you're squashing my itinerary.
Moira Plunkett: Oh, I'm terribly sorry. I keep on forgetting what a big girl I am now.
Stuart Farquhar: Quite, shall we get them out now?
Moira Plunkett: Why, Mr Farquhar.
Stuart Farquhar: The people for the coach, I mean.
Moira Plunkett: Oh, those. Yes, of course.

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Trivia: When Pepe orders the evacuation of the hotel at the end of the movie, a group of holidaymakers run down the corridor and David Kernan, Sally Geeson and Joan Sims quite noticeably fall over. This was not intended and left in the final print.

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