Question: Being unable to believe Paul's existence, Clive attacked Paul by gripping his throat in the RV. Then Paul said "That's my fucking jorph. Get your fucking fingers out of there! If I get a jorph infection, you're dead!" What exactly does jorph mean? Where does the word come from?

Answer: Since Paul is an alien, his race would probably give their body parts names that are in their own native language. To humans, we have throats. To Paul's race, jorph is their word for throat.

It cannot be a throat as it is an opening, it is more likely an opening that acts like a human ear.

Chosen answer: The movie "Paul" was riddled with inside jokes and homages to classic science fiction and adventure movies and tv shows, so it would not be surprising there would be a reference from an Indiana Jones movie. Also, Paul is, indeed, "short" with a "round" head.


Question: How on earth did agent O'Reilly manage to survive the gas explosion? He is in the crowd at the end of the movie.

Answer: When it is revealed two years later that he is alive, there is no explanation given as to how he survived the blast. Any answer would be speculation.


Question: I could be wrong, since I haven't seen Star Wars in a long time, but wasn't the band at the "redneck" bar playing the song the Cantina Band plays?

Answer: Yes, that's right. Well spotted - your geek credentials remain firmly intact.


Question: When Paul's curing Ruth's eye condition his eye glows, what does this mean?


Answer: Nothing, it was to show him using his mental powers.

Continuity mistake: When the bird first hits the RV, a blood stain is visible on the windshield. But on the exterior shot of the RV as it stops, the blood has disappeared. (00:26:50)


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Agent Zoil: Motherfucking, titty-sucking two-balled bitch!

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Trivia: The dog at the beginning of the film looks up. This is in reference to Pegg and Frost's characters arguing about whether dogs can look up or not in their film Shaun Of The Dead.


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