Just Go with It

Trivia: During the scene when Daniel and Katherine and Devlin and Ian are having dinner together at Oceano's, the band playing on stage is called Hapa. They're not actors - they're a real Hawaiian band from Maui. They also appeared on an April 2011 episode of Hawaii 5-0.

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Trivia: The guy Brooklyn Decker meets on the plane is the actress' real-life husband, Andy Roddick.


Continuity mistake: In the scene when the camera is panning over each character in bed (after Daniel has announced he's marrying Palmer the next day), you see Dolph sleeping in the bath tub. He rolls over and his arm falls into the toilet, and you can see that the seat is up. A moment later, the little boy sleep walks into the bathroom and sits on the toilet. Dolph's arm is still in the toilet, but the seat is now down.

Cal K.

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Katherine: I'm just happy to hear that his thing-a-ding can still ring-a-ding.

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