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Other mistake: In Roy Hobbs' last at bat of the movie he takes the 1st pitch for a called strike (confirmed by closed captioning). The 2nd pitch is called a ball. The Pittsburgh manager then decides to change pitchers with the count at 1-1. The relief pitcher's 1st pitch is fouled into the press box making the count 1 ball and 2 strikes. The 2nd pitch from the relief pitcher is swung on and missed, and should be strike 3. Hobbs stays in the box and hits a long fly ball foul and hits a HR on the next pitch. Roy Hobbs should have struck out. (02:06:20 - 02:12:05)


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Suggested correction: Like most umpire calls, the ump's wording of "Ball" on the first pitch isn't obvious until you hear the difference in the first "Strike" call. The count was not 1 and 1 when they brought in the new pitcher, it was 2 and 0.

If the umpire called the first pitch a ball then why does the closed captioning say strike?

Mistake in captioning and also by the announcer. If you look at the ball as it passes Roy, it is head high and the catcher has to reach to his left to catch the ball. Clearly, Levinson called for the pitch to be a ball. Ball one.

It's not a mistake in captioning because after the Umpire calls it a Strike, you can hear the announcer say "Strike One", it's low because of the crowd noise but he says it. It's even in the Director's Cut, then magically on the next pitch the count changes and the announcer says "Ball Two"

You can also hear the radio announcer say strike.

The man calling the game over the radio said it was a strike. However, the pitch was up at eye level and a ball. The ump sounds like he's saying "ball" and the Pirates' coach looks upset at the pitcher, which seems fitting for a pitched ball.

The closed captioning always gets words wrong! Always! Gotta watch that. That being said I'm here bc I thought he had 4 as well.

The mistake seems valid. It does look like the ump says strike on the first pitch. The announcer even says "strike one" and then goes on to talk about how Hobbs has already struck out twice, so this has nothing to do with subtitles. Watching this on Netflix you can tell the word "ball" has been dubbed over the word strike on the first pitch. In the book, Hobbs strikes out on his final at-bat. It seems like the film makers were going to have him strike out, which a strike on a 1-2 count after the foul would have done, but decided to change it (maybe the ending tested poorly with audiences). Rather than reshoot the whole thing, they just dubbed over the ump to make it a 2-1 count.


Makes more sense that the manager would pull the pitcher on 2-0 count vs 1-1.

The announcer also said it was a strike.

Closed captioning gets it wrong sometimes. I notice it a lot.

The closed caption not only has the umpire calling a strike, but also has the commentary saying "strike one."

Suggested correction: When the pitcher is changed, the count is 2-0.

That is not correct. It's 1-1.


Continuity mistake: When he hits the ball off the clock, everyone leaves the park after his home run. Why should they? Roy Hobbs' team is the visiting team, so the Chicago Cubs still have their turn at bat in the bottom of the ninth.

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Suggested correction: They were playing at Knight's Field in New York. Plus the scoreboard has them batting last.

He's talking about the first game in Chicago when Iris stood up.

Suggested correction: Not everyone starts to leave, it's just a few guys sitting next to Iris that start to leave their seats. And all the photographers and reporters are crowding around Hobbs not because New York won, but because he hit such a big home run. Then the scene ends and cuts to the locker room to save time since we don't need to see the Cubs last at bat.


Suggested correction: It starts to rain when he hits the cover off the ball. So everyone is leaving because of the rain.

This is the wrong scene, you're describing the scene where Hobbs hits the cover off the ball in the 7th, and they're not even playing Chicago.


Continuity mistake: In many of the newspaper clippings of Hobbs' feats, the words under the headlines talk about tennis or the society page - not baseball.

Continuity mistake: During the scene in a coffee shop or diner after Glen Close has come to see Robert Redford play baseball, her coffee cup and saucer disappear and reappear throughout the entire scene.

Continuity mistake: At the end of the movie, Hobbs hits a foul ball and breaks his wonderboy bat, however, when he hits the final home run and the camera shows him looking up towards the lights and his bat is in full follow through, you can easily see that it is the wonderboy bat, as the lightning bolt is visible.

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Continuity mistake: When Roy breaks his bat in the playoff game, the bat is a long way from the batter's box; the "Wonderboy" fragment is lying further away from the foul line than the rest of the bat, and the fragment "point" faces away from the foul line, the top of the bat on both parts face the line. However, in the close-up, the fragment is facing the other way, with the point facing the foul line. Note, too, that when Hobbs hits the ball, the bat is not split. (02:09:10)


Factual error: In the coffee shop when Roy Hobbs is having coffee, there is a Coca-Cola sign in the window featuring the "fishtail" logo used between roughly 1957 and 1961, not the time period portrayed in the movie.

Other mistake: In the top of the ninth inning of the game against the Cubs, both the scoreboard and the radio announcer state that the score is 4-3 in favor of the Cubs. However, when Hobbs is at bat, the radio announcer says "Blevins is at 3rd base, 3 to 3". (01:14:00)


Continuity mistake: In a scene in a coffee shop, Roy Hobbs is having coffee, but when the camera pans up, then back down, the coffee is gone, along with the plate.

Continuity mistake: When Hobbs goes to bat for the first time, just before Hobbs hits the cover off the ball, it cuts to the pitcher with the ball in his hand, behind his back. The ball he is holding is a clean, white ball, tightly stitched. When Roy hits the ball, it changes to a dirty ball, you can see this when they go to field the ball and all he has is the cover, it's much dirtier than one hit would have made it, even in the rain.

Continuity mistake: In the opening scenes, little Roy throws a baseball at a target drawn on the barn wall. The ball goes through the wall, breaking a board in half (bottom half falls inside). The next shot shows the board next to it is broken and it is now the top half missing.


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Continuity mistake: At the beginning of the film, the young Roy breaks a board of the hen-house wall with a pitch. When the shot cuts back to the hen-house wall a moment later, the hole is a different shape and in a different place.

Continuity mistake: During the scene in the coffee shop after Glenn Close has come to see Robert Redford play baseball, his lemonade is full with the straw standing straight up. In the next shot, his lemonade is less full with the straw leaning to the side, but in the shot after that, the lemonade is back to full and the straw is straight again.

Continuity mistake: When Roy Hobbs knocks the cover off the ball, he is shown sliding into third base, jump up and covered in dirt and mud on the right side of his uniform pants. They then show him standing on third base in a downpour while everyone argues about the ball. In the next scene, he is shown walking down the hall with Pops and a bunch of reporters talking about what he just did, completely dry in a clean uniform.

Continuity mistake: When Number 7 is going to bat and the manager stops him, Number 7 has a bat in his hand. In the next shot, Number 7 and the manager are talking, no bat in hand.


Continuity mistake: When Red an Pops are shaving and Pops is talking about wanting to be a farmer then Roy is talking about what it's like living on a farm. Notice Pops' shaving cream. It starts out with a opening on his left cheek beside his chin. Then all of the sudden it changes to show all of his chin and his cheeks are covered with shaving cream.


Factual error: In the final game, the Pittsburgh manager calls for a left-hander in the bottom of the ninth inning. The pitcher strides to the mound, Roy takes his stance in the batter's box...and no warm-up pitches are taken. I understand that a pitcher isn't required to take warm-up pitches, but no pitcher who throws smoke would be willing to cut short his career just to get the game over.

Other mistake: When Redford is hitting in the scene where he hits the lights for a home run, he actually got four strikes.

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Suggested correction: He didn't get four strikes; he missed two, hit a foul ball, then hit the home run.

Correction. He had a call strike on the first pitch as the umpire's right hand indicates and the announcer confirms. Inside pitch for ball. Reliever comes in with a 1&1 count. Fouls first pitch from reliever into press box for a 1&2 count. He takes a called 3rd strike before fouling and breaking his bat. Then a homer.

Yup. Four strikes. An insanely glaring mistake.

Factual error: After the Knights clinch a tie for the pennant and are celebrating in the clubhouse, Hobbs tries to call Iris on a pay phone that is of early 50's vintage. The movie was set in 1939.

Other mistake: In the game in Chicago, Hobbes is announced batting in the top of the first inning. However, the scoreboard shows that the home team Cubs have a hit, meaning they've already batted and therefore the first inning is already over.

Iris Gaines: You know, I believe we have two lives.
Roy Hobbs: How... what do you mean?
Iris Gaines: The life we learn with and the life we live with after that.

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