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Trivia: When Commandant Burger yells "Silence!" to Bo West during the parade inspection, West drops the rifle on Burger's foot. Jim Dale accidentally dropped the rifle on Kenneth Williams' foot, his painful reaction was genuine and the injury caused Williams to limp for the remainder of his scenes. Dale swore it was accidental but Williams insisted in his autobiography that it was deliberate.

Trivia: Although they have a majority of scenes together, Jim Dale and Peter Butterworth were not speaking to each other during the filming.

Trivia: In the United States, the film was released as "Carry On in the Legion".

Trivia: Filming of the Sahara Desert scenes took place at Camber Sands near Rye in East Sussex. However, production had to be stopped several times as there was snow on the sands.

Trivia: Whilst buried in the sand, Jim Dale and Peter Butterworth had to be wrapped in blankets and given brandy to keep the cold out.

Trivia: Phil Silvers was dramatically losing his sight during filming, so he had to wear both contact lens and glasses.

Trivia: The horse that the crew used for the desert scenes could only canter, so in order to show the horse galloping, the producer had to speed up the film.

Trivia: Sid James was intending to play the role of Sergeant Nocker, but suffered a massive heart attack and was replaced by Phil Silvers.

Continuity mistake: During the dinner sequence, Angela Douglas is handed a letter. She is seen holding it with her right hand, but when the man seated next to her asks "What is it, my beloved?" we cut back to Angela and she is now holding the letter with her left hand.

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Sgt. Nocker: Ah, Egypt. Land of mystery. Home of the mighty fairies.
Bertram Oliphant West: You mean pharaohs.
Sgt. Nocker: I know what I mean.

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