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Sgt. Nocker: Hold it baby. How about giving us the Dance of the Two Veils?
Corktip: You mean seven veils.
Sgt. Nocker: Why bother with preliminaries?

Sgt. Nocker: Ah, Egypt. Land of mystery. Home of the mighty fairies.
Bertram Oliphant West: You mean pharaohs.
Sgt. Nocker: I know what I mean.

Simpson: You mean all these ladies are the Sheikh's wives?
Sgt. Nocker: Yes. What's so terrible about that?
Simpson: Think, all those mothers in law.

Continuity mistake: During the attack on Fort Zuassantneuf, Commandant Burger has a monocle over his right eye. When Burger says "Look out, here they come!" his monocle has disappeared, but a few shots later it has re-appeared.

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Trivia: Whilst buried in the sand, Jim Dale and Peter Butterworth had to be wrapped in blankets and given brandy to keep the cold out.

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