Carry on Loving

Trivia: Charles Hawtrey initially turned down the role of James Bedsop because producer Peter Rogers said that Hawtrey should not have third billing due to the size of Hattie Jacques' part, and his part being small. But in the end, Rogers relented.


Trivia: Before Sidney Bliss enters the lift to go to Esme Crowfoot's flat, he sees a couple kissing and asks, "All right?" The original line in the script was "Going up?", but was changed in post-production as the producers felt it was too risqué even for a Carry On film.

Trivia: The cream used during the food fight sequence towards the end of the film was real. Jacki Piper actually suffered an ear ache when Joan Sims smashed a cream pie into the side of her face.

Trivia: The matchmaking computer at the Wedded Bliss Agency was a prop from the TV series "UFO."

Trivia: Due to a matinee, Richard O'Callaghan was not able to do the food fight sequence towards the end of the film and therefore his close-up was edited in later.

Trivia: Anthony Sagar, the patient who speaks to Richard O'Callaghan in the hospital after his brush with Bernard Bresslaw, had previously starred as an ambulance driver in "Carry On Nurse."

Trivia: Although Charles Hawtrey receives third billing, he has only four minutes of screen time.

Trivia: Kenny Lynch, who has a brief appearance as a bus conductor in this film, also wrote "Love Crazy", the title song to "Carry On Emmanuelle" (1978).

Trivia: The office used for the Wedded Bliss Agency was the same one used for "Carry On Regardless".

Trivia: Richard O'Callaghan, who plays Bertram Muffet, is the son of Patricia Hayes who played Mrs. Beasley in 'Carry On Again Doctor'.

Trivia: Despite his relatively high billing in the opening credits, Bernard Bresslaw does not appear until 45 minutes into the film.

Trivia: A scene where Mr Roxby and his wife talk to Mr Snooper at the Citizens' Advice Bureau about their marital problems was deleted from the final print, although you can still see the back of Mr Roxby when Mr Snooper opens his office door and Mrs Bliss walks in.

Continuity mistake: When the man puts jelly down his wife's dress during the food fight, Jenny Grubb's arm is not on the table. In the next scene, her arm is resting on the table, but in the scene after that, her arm is back in its normal position.

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Sidney Bliss: I don't want much. Just to worship at your feet.
Esme Crowfoot: I've got better bits.

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