The Way Back
Movie Quote Quiz

Mr. Smith: Kindness. That can kill you here.

Valka: Don't you know what "Stalin" means, funny man? Means man-of-steel. He takes from rich, and gives to poor.
Zoran: Yes, of course he does. Then he takes both of them, and puts them in Gulag for 25 years.

Janusz: Why would an American move to Russia for God sakes?
Irena: The Depression.

Mr. Smith: Kindness. That will kill you here.

Mr. Smith: In the camps, some saw death as freedom.
Janusz: Then why didn't you just kill yourself?
Mr. Smith: Survival was a kind of protest. Being alive was my punishment.
Janusz: Punishment for what?
Mr. Smith: I brought David to Russia.
Janusz: And now no-one can forgive you. And you can't forgive yourself.

Valka: You say too many prayers for an innocent man.

Mr. Smith: You should be grateful we are here at all.
Valka: Grateful is for dogs.

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