The Tourist

Revealing mistake: Despite receiving several shots and crashing against other boats, Elise's wooden boat structure remains undamaged.

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Revealing mistake: After the Italian cop tells the British one that Frank is going to be killed, Frank climbs a rooftop and white protective tapes are visible on the sole of his feet.

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Revealing mistake: The scene where Frank is chased across the roof tops is shot indoors. First, the light and shadows are very bright - but in the outdoors scenes it is cloudy, and there are no clear shadows. Second, the shadows show almost horizontal lighting - a position the sun does not have in Venice in late morning.

Jacob La Cour

Visible crew/equipment: Near the end of the boat chase, after the railing and Frank are pulled into the water but prior to the cut to Elise slowing her boat to allow Frank to board, a member of the crew can be seen exiting the cabin of Elise's boat. (00:05:50)

Jonathan Borgia

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Elise: I'm sorry I got you involved in all this.
Frank Taylor: Why are you involved?

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