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Corrected entry: Early in the film, where the two main characters are on the train from Paris to Venice, overhead exterior shots show the train on the LEFT hand track, whereas in continental Europe it would be on the RIGHT (like driving on roads) so the train is probably British stock footage.

Correction: Trains occasionally run on the left-hand track - if the other track is undergoing repairs, for instance.


Correction: In France, trains drive on the left:

Continuity mistake: On the inspector's boat Frank's wrists are handcuffed together with a railing between his arms to secure him in place. There is a very short chain between the cuffs, 4 to 5 inches at most. When he's pulled free by a rope from Elise's boat he starts 'climbing' the rope hand over hand. In one shot his hands are over a foot apart, he's obviously not wearing the handcuffs. When he gets onto Elise's boat his hands are cuffed once again, she shows him how to pick the locks to get the cuffs off.

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Elise: I'm sorry I got you involved in all this.
Frank Taylor: Why are you involved?

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