Trivia: All of the creatures in baby Rapunzel's mobile are referenced later in the movie. The blue bird is the first creature she encounters after leaving the tower (it flies around her head when she sings "completely free"). There is also a white horse (Maximus), a chameleon (Pascal), a yellow duck (The Snuggly Duckling), and a cherub (the old man who dresses like an angel in "I've got a Dream").


Trivia: The three books which Rapunzel reads are Botany, Cooking, and Geology.


Trivia: Pinocchio is sitting in the rafters above Flynn Ryder during the "I've Got a Dream" scene.


Trivia: Three books scattered in the bedroom signify Disney animated movies: Sleeping Beauty, Beauty and the Beast and The Little Mermaid.


Trivia: The one with the eye patch of the Stabbington Brothers, (the ones who wanted to have revenge on Flynn) only says one line in the whole movie: "Play it safe, or go get the crown?"


Trivia: When the tree breaks over the rock that Flynn and Maximus are on you can hear Flynn yell out Goofy's famous scream.

Trivia: Rapunzel's parents never speak once in the whole film.

Trivia: Mother Gothel is only referred to by name in the opening of the film. After that, her name is never mentioned again.

Trivia: When the guy is flying in the Snuggly Duckling, in the top right corner you can see Pinocchio.

Revealing mistake: When Flynn and Maximus are fighting to get the satchel, it flies off and gets snagged on a tree branch. But you can see it goes through the branch, and not around it.

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Flynn Rider: They just can't get my nose right.

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Question: Since Maximus was the only one who went to gather the pub thugs in order to save Flynn from being hanged, I've got to ask two questions. 1) How were the thugs able to trust him? After all, when Maximus bursts into their pub after one of them helps Rapunzel and Flynn escape into the tunnel, they know he's the Captain's horse who was hunting them down. 2) How was Maximus able to communicate with the thugs so they would know what kind of situation Flynn was in?

Answer: Maximus has a very expressive face, and is adept at some hand (hoof?) gestures. When he showed up he must have had such an insistent and desperate expression that they agreed to help. Perhaps the mime thug helped them to decode Maximus' pantomimed communications.

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