Factual error: Sailing ships in harbor always have their sails furled and stowed, not set. All the ships in the city's harbor have their sails set. Would never happen.

Other mistake: In the boat scene, when Eugene takes out the lanterns, Rapunzel is moving way too fast compared to before and after.

Continuity mistake: In the reprise of Mother Knows best; Mother Gothel gives Rapunzel Flynn's satchel containing the crown in order to try and prove his disloyalty. Rapunzel then gives this to him on the boat later. However, no-one carries the satchel from the campsite to the boat! Rapunzel and Flynn are not carrying it, and Maximus does not have any saddle bags. How does it get from A to B?

Flynn Rider: I have dreams like you, no really. Just much less touchy-feely. They mainly happen somewhere warm and sunny. On an island that I own, unarrested and alone. Surrounded by enormous piles of money!

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Trivia: All of the creatures in baby Rapunzel's mobile are referenced later in the movie. The blue bird is the first creature she encounters after leaving the tower (it flies around her head when she sings "completely free"). There is also a white horse (Maximus), a chameleon (Pascal), a yellow duck (The Snuggly Duckling), and a cherub (the old man who dresses like an angel in "I've got a Dream").

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Question: Is it possible the king and queen could recognize Rapunzel as their long lost daughter, despite her short brown hair, when they knew she was born with long golden hair? If so, then how?

Answer: It's entirely possible. Rapunzel has a similar face appearance to her mother's, and you could also count the family bond of simply knowing. She also has green eyes, which are uncommon, so the parents probably knew that she was unlikely an impostor.


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