Morning Glory

Continuity mistake: When Becky is having lunch in the park with her workmates, they all turn to look at Adam and the blonde workmate is holding her drink in the air. In the next shot, however, the drink is flat on the table, with no time to change.


Continuity mistake: While Becky's showing the improved ratings to her boss during his jogging session through the park there is a woman in red approaching their position. In the next shot of Becky there's no sign of the woman, who then should be just next to the actress. (01:16:25)


Revealing mistake: In the scene where Rachel McAdams goes to Patrick Wilson's office to explain why she left the bar so abruptly the night before, there are four TV monitors behind her as she does those weird charade movements. Only one monitor has a picture. The picture is of the New Jersey anchors of the job from which she was previously fired. Also, the characters in the picture never move.

Becky Fuller: I will have you know that this show is very important to a lot of people, including, but not limited, to me! My ass on the line here.
Mike Pomeroy: Actually, your ass is irrelevant. You're just a footnote. It's my ass. My reputation. My integrity. MY ASS!

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