Paranormal Activity 2

Deliberate mistake: In the scene where Ali Rey was sleeping, the camera facing towards the TV were blue vision but in the scene where Martine is starring at the camera pointing towards the TV, it is normal vision.


Continuity mistake: During the last night Martine is working for the Rey family, she is shown saying prayers in the kitchen and TV rooms. During that time, the kitchen camera shot has knives, spices and a chopping board on the counter, but in the next kitchen shot, everything is replaced by a fruit bowl. You'll also notice that the hanging pots and pans change in number, order and colour and the flowers located on the table change variety and also too the bowl/vase.


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Ali Rey: I don't know if the house is haunted, but I hope it is.

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Trivia: Notably, the previews for this film (and several other sequels in the series) contained footage not seen in the finished movie. The previews were often made primarily of footage from alternate and deleted scenes. The producers and directors hinted that this was done to help keep the story secret, despite being a bit shady on their part.


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Question: When the house is "Broken Into" at the beginning, is it actually the demon or is it broken into? I wasn't sure if this was established in the film. I assume we're led to believe it is the demon as nothing was stolen but wasn't sure.


Chosen answer: It's the demon.


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