Paranormal Activity 2

Revealing mistake: At the end when Katie enters Hunter's room and throws Kristi against the camera, Katie's reflection in the wardrobe mirror shows her in a different position from when she attacks Kristi, to after she drops out of view.


Continuity mistake: When Kristi sits down to have her coffee and read her magazine, the coffee cup is perfectly in place before the cabinet doors burst open and she runs away. When she comes back and closes everything, her yellow coffee mug is gone.


Continuity mistake: During the last night Martine is working for the Rey family, she is shown saying prayers in the kitchen and TV rooms. During that time, the kitchen camera shot has knives, spices and a chopping board on the counter, but in the next kitchen shot, everything is replaced by a fruit bowl. You'll also notice that the hanging pots and pans change in number, order and colour and the flowers located on the table change variety and also too the bowl/vase.


Deliberate mistake: In the scene where Ali Rey was sleeping, the camera facing towards the TV were blue vision but in the scene where Martine is starring at the camera pointing towards the TV, it is normal vision.


Visible crew/equipment: In the beginning, Kristi takes Hunter out of his highchair, then it falls over. When Kristi went to go pick it back up, she stepped over the string used to tip it.


Revealing mistake: At the end where Katie kills Kristi by throwing her upwards into the camera mounted on the wall, the reflection of them both in the mirror behind them doesn't match their actual movements. In the reflection, Katie simply pushes Kristi against the wall. She doesn't throw her upwards. (01:30:05)


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Continuity mistake: The last two pictures on the left on the wall going up the stairs change continually throughout the movie, at least 10 times. (00:24:35 - 00:26:35)

Continuity mistake: When Martine hears noises in the house, she goes upstairs to get Hunter and then starts cleansing the house with incense. Before she goes upstairs, notice how the pots and pans hanging in the kitchen are different makes/colours when she come back downstairs with Hunter. They change again when Daniel and Kristi return home. (00:24:10 - 00:25:00)


Factual error: During the breakfast scene with the bacon a box of Cheerios is seen on the counter with the red check mark on it. This indicates that the cereal is American Heart Association approved. The check mark campaign didn't begin until 2009 even though the movie supposedly takes place 3 years prior, in 2006.

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Continuity mistake: Ali discovers markings on the inside of the basement door. When Daniel goes down to the basement when the power goes out, the markings are no longer there.


Continuity mistake: In the scenes where the baby is shown moving about the house opening doors, the nursery room door had been left open yet he is shown opening it. The basement door is shown as being opened and the next shot shown as closed. The timecode doesn't allow time for the ghost to have done anything, and without sound in the film.


Other mistake: We are seeing the movie as if we were watching recordings, that's why we see the surveillance camera shots as the device installed to change from one camera to another would let us. It takes very short time from one camera to another,but in some cases, as to follow things to happen, the shot stays in one angle (camera) for a longer period, not keeping the timing for the mentioned device.

Continuity mistake: During the whole movie during the night (maybe days too), the objects around the house change, move, appear and disappear/vanish, and the lights turn on/off radically without being touched. (00:00:30 - 01:31:06)

Ali Rey: I don't know if the house is haunted, but I hope it is.

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Trivia: Originally, Kevin Greutert, who edited the first five "Saw" movies and also directed "Saw VI" and "Saw 3D," was attached to direct. However, Lionsgate enacted a contractual clause to remove him from the film. While an exact reason was never given, it has been widely speculated that this was done because the "Paranormal Activity" movies were the only direct competition for the "Saw" series at the box office.


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Question: When the house is "Broken Into" at the beginning, is it actually the demon or is it broken into? I wasn't sure if this was established in the film. I assume we're led to believe it is the demon as nothing was stolen but wasn't sure.


Chosen answer: It's the demon.


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