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Corrected entry: At the end of the film, Hoffman reached for a saw to get out of the chains. Thing is, in the original Saw one of the saws used was broken and in Saw 2 the other saw was dropped next to the wall next to the pipes that ran up and down the wall. The saw that Hoffman was reaching for should not have been in the place that it was in.


Correction: Eric Matthews grabs the saw from the side of the wall at the start of Saw III, then discards it somewhere in the middle of the floor a few seconds later, which is where it stays until Saw 3D. The placement of the saw is correct.

Corrected entry: The entire speak no evil trap makes no sense. Bobby's lawyer is on a machine that after 60 seconds will pierce her eyes and mouth with 3 metal rods. To prevent her death, Bobby has to lift the machine to the highest point and complete a circuit that stops the machine revolving, but not the timer. He has to keep that position for 30 seconds to save his lawyer. He stops the machine for about 8 seconds at which point it continues and after the 60 seconds, the lawyer is killed. The mistake is that after 60 seconds the lawyer is killed, and it only took 60 seconds as opposed to the 68 seconds it should do (60 seconds for the trap plus the 8 seconds the machine didn't revolve). (00:47:00)

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Correction: The timer is constantly counting down. The point of the machine is that 30 seconds is the amount of time he would have needed to stop it in order to keep her from getting killed, since by that point, it would have been delayed enough, that it wouldn't have rotated enough to impale her eyes/mouth.

Corrected entry: There are lots of bones in the foot; there's the many toe bones, the heel, and then the two leg bones. All the pieces would fall apart if they deteriorated for a long time, yet when Dr. Gordon looks at his foot at the end, it appears to be one solid bone, with no skin or muscle keeping it together.


Correction: If you look closely you can see the flesh is slowly rotting away. It just hasn't rotted to the point where it all falls apart.

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Corrected entry: When Bobby Dagen shows in the Jigsaw survivor meeting his scars, you can see that in the shot where he finishes his sentence, you see everything generally from his perspective. The chair in the far right corner of his perspective is unoccupied, and a few shots later, when Dr. Gordon starts clapping, you see that the chair was occupied with him in it.


Correction: I just watched this film. And throughout the scene you only see Dr Gordans chair once. And when you do, he is in the chair. He then speaks up a few shots later.

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Corrected entry: When Dr Gordon throws the saw from Hoffman out of the bathroom, it lands in the shadows of the hall way. However, in the very next shot, it is suddenly in the light.

Correction: There are two problems with this mistake. After the hacksaw lands, the camera cuts before it stops moving, so it is still sliding against the floor. Secondly, we don't see the saw in the next shot. We don't see the saw again until several seconds after the first cut. So, we are to assume that the blade slid a few more feet then stopped.


Corrected entry: Before Dr. Gordon claps in the Jigsaw Trap survivors meeting, you see everyone looking at him before he even claps. Before that shot, everyone had their attention at Bobby Dagen.


Correction: I looked for this mistake when I saw the film in theaters, and I could not find it. I believe this mistake is referring to the clip which was released online before the film's release. The clip was heavily edited, to avoid spoilers, and featured some continuity mistakes as a result of the heavy editing. This mistake is not present in the finished film.


Corrected entry: At the end of Saw, Doctor Gordon cut his foot off clean. When he enters the bathroom in Saw 3D, the foot now has bone poking out. It couldn't be because of decay because the rest of the foot still has flesh on it.


Correction: It is decay- if you look closely, the flesh and "meat" has shriveled, leaving the bone exposed.

Corrected entry: When Bobby Dagen at the jigsaw survivor trap meeting ripped opened his shirt to show people his scars, he says that it should be a symbol of honor, with no one at his side. However, in the next shot, you see Dr. Gordon clapping, and Bobby is with his wife.


Correction: This submission is based on the clip of the scene that appeared on the internet. In the actual movie, Dagen calls his wife to his side before Dr. Gordon begins clapping.

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Corrected entry: SPOILER ALERT - In the scene where the guy has to lift himself up with the chains he could have put the hooks through the pockets on his jeans rather than push them through his flesh.


Correction: Saying what a character could have done doesn't make it a mistake, not to mention the material of his pants wouldn't have been strong enough to support the hooks.

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Continuity mistake: Saw VII takes place straight after Saw VI. In Saw VI we see Jill put Hoffman in the bear trap and leave. We then see that Hoffman spends around 45 seconds trying to get the trap off before putting in the bars on the window. In this film however, just after Jill closes the door we see the glass break. No delay. (00:08:20)

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Hoffman: You wanna know the only thing that's wrong with killing you, Jill? I can only do it once.

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Trivia: Like Tanedra Howard won a role in Saw 6, Gabby West won the second season of Scream Queens and is featured in this film. She is Kara, Evan's girlfriend. She is underneath one of the rear wheels of the car in the garage trap.


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Question: What happens to Bobby Dagen after he fails to save his wife from being incinerated?

Answer: We are never told or shown, but it could be speculated that he was trapped in the building or died from his injuries.


How do you know that?

They don't know. They qualified their answer as being speculation.

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Plus Jigsaw's games are normally set so that if you fail, you're not escaping alive.

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