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10/10. Positively one of the best Muppet movies ever made. I grew up on this and Follow That Bird. It's wonderful from start to finish with stellar performances from the Muppet people to the guest stars. Charles Durning, Madeline Kahn, Telly Salvalas, Steve Martin, and Richard Pryor are genius here. Kermit and friends are priceless here, showing Jim Henson's genius. He was a brilliant kind man who worked hard on great stuff like this for the sake of entertaining people. Nobody has come as close to being like Jim Henson.I loved "The Rainbow Connection" and "Moving Right Along", great songs. If anyone were to ask me what I consider one of the best family oriented movies ever made I'd answer "The Muppet Movie."


Other mistake: Whenever Fozzie is driving the Studebaker, the movements of the car don't correspond to the way he moves the steering wheel (he tends to crank it back and forth a lot).

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Trivia: Director James Frawley has a cameo role as an El Sleazo waiter.

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Question: When Fozzie is singing the National Anthem, why does he sing 'America the Beautiful', and not 'The Star Spangled Banner' (which is the National Anthem of USA)?

Answer: Fozzie did not mean to sing the National Anthem. He simply wanted to sing something patriotic, since he was so moved by the scenery.

Matty Blast

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