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Corrected entry: The movie opens with a sweeping crane shot into the movie studio where the Muppets will watch the screening of their movie. The movie studio gate is topped with a statue of a movie director with a globe spinning on his finger. The globe is spinning the wrong direction, with the continents moving to the West.

Greg B

Correction: So the statue with its spinning globe is not accurate in its depiction of Earth's rotation. Even within the context of this movie, it was created by an artist/technician ignorant in these matters and who simply did not know any better. It happens. This is not a movie mistake.

Super Grover Premium member

Corrected entry: When Fozzy and Kermit are singing the song "Movin' Right Along", a verse that Fozzy says is "I've never seen the sun rise in the west" or something like that. I know this is a silly movie, but it is impossible for the sun to rise in the west, it's supposed to rise in the east.

Correction: They're lost and are heading east instead of west. This is a reference to the opening line in this verse, "Movin' right along, hey L. A., where've you gone? Send someone to fetch us, we're in Saskatchewan!" They've been expecting to see Los Angeles, off to the west but are heading east-wards towards Saskatchewan, hence their surprise at seeing the sun rise in what they think is the west.


Corrected entry: When Kermit and Fozzy stop to see the man who is responsible for the whole "frog legs" thing, Kermit says, "Myth" and a girl pops out behind the billboard. Later on, as Kermit is walking around the billboard talking with the man, the girl is no longer there.

Correction: This scene is meant to be a joke, playing on Kermit's pronunciation of "Myth" sounding like "Miss" prompting the appearance of the girl. Once the joke was complete, so was her place in the movie. This is intentional and not a mistake.


Continuity mistake: When Gonzo is flying in the air holding on the balloons and then is shot down by Doc Hooper and lands on the car, the last two balloons are yellow and pink, but when the car takes off after Gonzo lands on the roof - the two balloons are now both blue.


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Trivia: Up until the church, a running gag was "Feeling lost? Have you tried Hare Krishna?" When the duo stop at the church, the sign says, "LOST? HAVE YOU TRIED REV. HARRY KRISHNA?"

Movie Nut

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Question: When Fozzie is singing the National Anthem, why does he sing 'America the Beautiful', and not 'The Star Spangled Banner' (which is the National Anthem of USA)?

Answer: Fozzie did not mean to sing the National Anthem. He simply wanted to sing something patriotic, since he was so moved by the scenery.

Matty Blast

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