The Dilemma

Factual error: Passiflora Incarnata doesn't cause the symptoms described in the film. There was one remote incident where some of the symptoms (nausea) occurred but it can only happen if ingested which did not happen in this movie.


Continuity mistake: During the chat in the opening credits, Winona Ryder's right hand keeps changing position even when the flow of the conversation is continuous and there's absolutely no room for changes in between shots. When they talk about the crossbow case she even goes from holding a forkful of food, to a glass of wine. (00:02:00)

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Continuity mistake: When Geneva is getting into Zip's G wagon it is afternoon due to it being very sunny with busy streets. But, when they arrive at Zip's home it is pitch black as if it's late night. (00:59:27 - 01:00:13)


Ronny Valentine: I'd like to make a toast, to Burt and Sue. Wow,50 years. I'd like to think that something that got you through those 50 years is a little friend I'd like to call honesty.
Burt: And love.
Ronny Valentine: Yes, that, which I think goes along with love.
Cousin Betty: And similar interests.
Ronny Valentine: Excuse me, who are you?
Cousin Betty: I'm Cousin Betty.
Ronny Valentine: First?
Cousin Betty: Second.
Ronny Valentine: You see, that doesn't really qualify. Someone can have sex with their second cousin and the kid would still be fine. You can't hide from the truth because it will come back.

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