The Wizard

Continuity mistake: When Sam is swinging the shovel at Putnam's car he busts the driver's side headlight twice.

Continuity mistake: They get off a pickup truck after having hitched a ride. Then much later after having slept the night in a junkyard and hitched a ride with some motorcyclists they can be seen hitching a ride in the same pickup truck that dropped them off earlier in the film. (00:27:39 - 00:33:31)

Character mistake: In the finals of Video Armaggeddon the compere keeps making comments such as "Jimmy loses a life and starts over in world two", "Laura finishes world two", "Lucas finishes world two". All three times the relevant person is actually in World 1 - Level 3. In Fact at no point are any of the competitors in World 2 and the only time any of them is out of World 1 is when Jimmy uses the warp to access World 4.


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Haley: Hi, I'm Haley. If you don't tell me what you're doing, I'm going to scream.
Corey: Could you scream quietly?
Haley: What do you think I'm stupid?

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