The Mummy

Imhotep takes Beni and Evelyn back to Hamanaptra. Pilot Winston Havlock flies Rick, Jonathan, and Ardeth Bay there so they can rescue Evelyn, but Imhotep uses his powers to create a sandstorm and cause the plane to crash, killing Winston. Rick, Jonathan, and Ardeth survive. In the City of the Dead, Imhotep resurrects his mummy priests to battle the three heroes, while he attempts to sacrifice Evelyn in order to resurrect Anck-Su-Namun. Meanwhile, the villainous Beni is stealing some of Pharaoh Seti's treasure from the treasure chamber.

Rick frees Evelyn, but Anck-Su-Namun is resurrected. Jonathan reads from the Book of Amun Ra and accidentally awakens some soldier mummies who battle Rick after he kills the mummy priests. After reading another inscription, Jonathan commands the soldiers to kill Anck-Su-Namun. Imhotep attempts to kill Rick, but Evelyn reads an inscription which causes Imhotep to lose his Hom-Dai powers and become human. Rick kills Imhotep with his sword, and Imhotep sinks into the dark bog.

While stealing more gold, Beni's greed causes him to accidentally activate a lever which causes Hamanaptra to start collapsing. Beni tries to drag his treasure bag, but abandons it and narrowly avoids being crushed by a wall. Ardeth Bay has already made it outside. Evelyn and Jonathan make it through the last doorway with Rick behind them. Beni attempts to escape with Rick, but the archway thuds to the floor, sealing Beni in the treasure chamber. Other walls come down, blocking the exits and trapping Beni. A lone scarab appears on top of a statue and, after spotting Beni, it alerts the other scarabs to come out so they can kill Beni. Suddenly, thousands of scarabs surround Beni. The terrified Beni tries to hold them off with his failing torch. Beni's torch dies and the scarabs devour him in the pitch black darkness, serving justice to Beni for the evil he did throughout the story. Rick, Evelyn and Jonathan say goodbye to Ardeth Bay and ride camels into the desert, unaware of one of Beni's treasure bags attached to one camel.

Continuity mistake: In the scene where Jonathan picks up the scarab, it breaks open and the beetle inside starts to crawl under his skin. We see Brendan Fraser tear Jonathan's shirt and cut the beetle out of him. However, in the very next scene, we see Jonathan walking into the temple, his shirt is intact and there is no blood to be seen. (01:37:05 - 01:38:30)

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Evelyn: You know, nasty little fellows such as yourself always get their comeuppance.
Beni: They do?

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Trivia: The warning that is on the chest containing the Canopic jars ('Death shall come on swift wings to whomsoever opens this chest') is a variation of the curse that was allegedly written on the walls of Tutankhamen's tomb: 'Death shall come on swift wings to him that toucheth the Pharaoh's tomb'.

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Question: No matter how many times I watch this, I don't count all 10 plagues. Do some end up on the cutting room floor?


Answer: The featured Plagues are: locusts, flies, water turning into blood, fiery hail, the sun turning black, boils and sores. The missing Plagues are: cattle disease, wild beasts, frogs, and death of the first-born sons.

Chosen answer: The plagues stop when they 'destroy' the mummy's powers. The good guys are trying to stop the mummy before the death of the first-born plauge (which they suceed in doing, as Jonathan survives the movie), as well as preventing the mummy from becoming all powerful and impossible to destroy - which would happen after the tenth plague. Some of the plagues, too, could have been happening while the good guys are in Hamunaptra and therefore not experiencing them themselves, bringing the total of plagues experienced by the outside world closer to nine.


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