Breakheart Pass

Question: When the train is put into reverse, Bronson and the major jump off. The Indians get into the box car then the train stops. Who stopped it?

Answer: Ben Johnson and Charles During. Their characters had guns pointed at them, they stopped the train suddenly to knock them off balance. As soon as Bronson and the Major jumped off the train, Johnson and During took control of the engine.

Revealing mistake: The caboose and two bunk cars are uncoupled and sent rolling down the hill, with troops locked inside. As the cars roll off a cliff, troops can be heard yelling. However, as the cars hit the ground and shatter into rubble, the wood does not appear to be blood stained, nor does there appear to be any sign of bodies in the debris. The cars were obviously empty for the scene, and given the circumstances of the soldiers allegedly trapped within them, it's unlikely that any of the soldiers could've gotten out in time.


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Frank O'Brien: What the hell are they shooting?
Deputy U.S. Marshal Nathan Pearce: When you tell an Indian things will be a certain way and then they're not, he's inclined to think maybe you crossed him.

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