Other mistake: Although we could see that the soft porn by April, June and Machete was filmed with a static camera on a tripod with no one operating it, when Michael looks at the film it involved zooming, paning and tilting. On top of that, music is added to the film.

Andreas Winnberg

Other mistake: When Senator John McLaughlin is shooting immigrants crossing the boarder, there is only one of his henchmen who is filming with just one camera from one angle. Yet, when this material is shown on TV towards the end of the movie, there are cuts between two cameras from two different angles. The viewer's look (you) is reused as material captured by Mr. McLaughlin henchmen.

Andreas Winnberg

Continuity mistake: After Machete's failed sniper shot on the roof-top, he is chased onto a rooftop where he kills a bunch of people. After he has killed everybody a splat of blood randomly appears on the ground.

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Trivia: During the big battle at the end, when one of the vigilantes is crushed under a bouncing low rider, you can hear the Wilham scream.


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