A Very Brady Christmas

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Character mistake: Cindy tells Greg she hasn't worn curls for 12 years. This is incorrect because in the original series, she changed from curls to braids by 1973 and then to straight hair by 1974. This story takes place in 1988 so technically, she hasn't worn curls in around 15 years (not 12).

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Trivia: All the original main cast members were in this movie except Susan Olsen ("Cindy"). Jennifer Runyon took her place. Two possible reasons that Susan/Cindy didn't participate: filming conflicted with her honeymoon to Jamaica and she was offered less money than the other cast members.


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Suggested correction: According to all sources, it was just the first answer (the honeymoon reason). No confirmation anywhere about being paid less.

You should do some actual research before correcting people so you know what you're talking about. Olsen herself said in a 1993 interview about why she wasn't in the movie. "It came down to money and bad politics. I was asking for way less than the two other girls wanted, but they still wouldn't give it to me." Plumb and McCormick even tried to get Olsen paid a fair amount, but the show's creators wouldn't budge and started a look for a look-alike.


Yeah, right... it is never about the money.


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Question: During the run of the series, the Brady's had a housekeeper, Alice. When they were giving Alice a few days off they even hired a temp to keep things straight while she was away - even though Carol had no career and all six kids did chores. So now that the kids are gone and they both (Mike and Carol) have careers, can they live without a housekeeper?


Chosen answer: I'm sure they could, but as long as she's there, now a part of the family, and they can afford her, why fire her? Plus, with six kids help is welcome, with a career and no kids, help is welcome, and everything in between.

Answer: Technically, they DO live now without a housekeeper. Alice is simply their guest in this film, because she dropped by after her husband left her and Mike and Carol took her in. She was helping out while there since the whole family was visiting.

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