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Corrected entry: Sean Parker was not the founder of Napster, which was Shawn Fanning. Parker was an early and highly visible employee of Napster.

Correction: Sean Parker was one of the 3 cofounders of Napster, alongside John & Shawn Fanning.

Corrected entry: In the final scene, Mark Zuckerberg asks his ex-girlfriend to add him as a friend on Facebook but he, as Zuckerberg, should have been already able to contact other users and view any other user's profiles.


Correction: Wow, talk about missing the point. Yeah, he could look at everything she's put on there, he could sign them up as friends, do whatever he wants, but that's not his aim. He's asking her if she's willing to be friends with him, giving her the choice to accept or not. If he forced the issue, it wouldn't mean anything.

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Corrected entry: In the shot showing a closeup of Mark's computer screen, the year is incorrectly shown as 2009, when the scene is supposedly happening in 2003.


Correction: Well, that shouldn't be too hard to spot, given there are only a thousand shots of his computer screen. Please specify which shot this is.

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Corrected entry: During one of the earlier scenes when Mark is developing his match up project, he is working on a computer outfitted with Windows Vista as evidenced through the upper left logo. Vista was not available until January 30, 2007.

Correction: The desktop is KDE, which is correct for the time (2003). The operating system in the movie was probably GNU/Linux because that is an operating system Mark Zuckerberg would have at least had a good chance of using at the time, so it would make sense to use KDE in this scene.

Corrected entry: When Eduardo flies to California to see Mark he is soaking wet from standing outside in the rain, and his hair is in disarray, including his bangs being down on his forehead. He and Mark then go speak privately, and in one of the camera cuts to Mark his hair is suddenly styled, including the bangs being parted to one side instead of down. He wouldn't have had enough time between cuts to "fix" his hair, and even if he did, it wouldn't have looked like he just walked out of a salon. (01:29:40 - 01:32:00)

Correction: There is a shot of Eduardo in the hall fixing (back turned to the camera) visible his hair by pushing it back off his forehead to his right side.

Corrected entry: While Sean Parker is talking on the phone, in Mark's rented house in California, there are two girls playing what looks like PlayStation. The gamepads the girls are using are wireless ones, which were not available at that time.


Correction: The controllers actually have wires but it is hard to see as the room is not well-lit.

Corrected entry: The song being played in the nightclub is "The Sound Of Violence" by Dennis de Laat, which was not released until 2008.

Correction: The song being played is actually "The Sound Of Violence" by Cassius which was released in 2002. Dennis de Laat's 2008 release was a cover of the Cassius' version.


Corrected entry: When the Winklevosses are rowing in their first scene, one of their team mates in the other boat has on an Under Armour shirt. UA wasn't established until 2006.

Correction: Under Armour was founded in 1996, not 2006.


Corrected entry: When Divya's girlfriend claims that she's been "spammed this one link seven times," she remarks that she hopes "it's cats that look like Hitler" because she can never get enough of that. The film takes place in 2003-2004; was established in 2006.

Correction: Who says she was referring specifically to that site? She could have been sent a link to something similar and, because she liked it, made the comment. She didn't say specifically


Corrected entry: In the scene where Eduardo is being hazed and he and the other pledge members have to strip clothes, the leader of the Fraternity is wearing a winter hat and on the top of it there is a patch saying something then followed by the year 2005 stitched into the hat. The film takes place in 2003-2004.


Correction: The Hat says, Future Graduate of Class 2005.

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Continuity mistake: When Eduardo finds the letter on the mantlepiece about them apparently stealing the idea for Facebook and asks Mark if they did or not, he places a bottle on the mantlepiece just before he finds the letter. This bottle rotates slightly between shots without him touching it after placing it down. (00:49:15)


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Tyler Winklevoss: I'm six-five,220 pounds, and there are two of me.

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Trivia: When the Facebook team are celebrating their 1,000,000th member, Mark Zuckerberg is wearing an Arm & Hammer t-shirt. This is in reference to Cameron Winklevoss/Tyler Winklevoss being played by actor Armand "Armie" Hammer. (01:42:25)


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Question: When Eduardo discovers the dilution of his percentage, he asks Mark if he did it because of the "article about the chicken", which accused Eduardo of forced animal cannibalism. Sean Parker hears this and says, "What's he talking about?" and then says "Seriously, what's the chicken?" Is this implying he was the one who gave the chicken story to Mark's lawyer so he could use it in the previous scene where he mentions it?

Answer: No, earlier when it came up in the lawyers office, Eduardo thought it came from Mark, but the lawyer stepped in and said they were able to find it themselves. Sean really had no idea what he was talking about, but didn't use it against him.


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