Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2

Corrected entry: The film never explains why Harry survives the Killing Curse cast by Voldemort. While the book explains that Harry survives because Voldemort took his mother's blood, the movie never does. As such, there's no reason that a curse that guarantees death would suddenly fail.

Correction: Spoiler Alert: The movie does not explain this well and it's complicated, but the curse did not "fail." Voldemort had overcome Lily Potter's protection after he added Harry's blood to his own during his "resurrection." Harry also explains to Ron and Hermione at the end of DH2 that the Elder Wand was never commanded by Voldemort, though after killing Snape, he mistakenly believed he did, and that is why Voldemort was certain the killing curse was now fatal to Harry. But unknown to Voldemort, it was actually Draco who had won the wand's allegiance when he disarmed Dumbledore on the Astronomy Tower in "Half-blood Prince." When Harry later disarmed Draco at Malfoy Manor, the wand shifted its allegiance to Harry. Recognizing Harry as its master, the wand would never harm him, even when it was wielded by Voldemort, causing his killing curse to rebound off Harry and instead strike him. In the Forbidden Forest, the first time Voldemort casts the curse at Harry, it rebounds, knocking Harry unconscious (and also destroying Voldemort's soul shard within Harry). It then hit Voldemort, who is also knocked out but survives because he has one Horcrux left. During their final confrontation, Voldemort's curse again rebounds off Harry and strikes Voldemort, fatally this time, because Neville has just killed Nagini, the last Horcrux. Voldemort unintentionally kills himself.

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Corrected entry: Right after Harry has seen Snape's memories in the pensieve, he turns around and sits down on the step and the camera can be seen reflected in the gold on the wall behind him. (01:23:20)

Correction: Reflection behind Harry doesn't resemble the camera, it's just some random distorted image of anything on the opposite wall.

Corrected entry: When Harry, Hermione and Ron jump from the dragon and Harry has his vision he says he saw Rowena Ravenclaw. It wasn't Rowena, it was Helena - and then he didn't know to look for Helena's ghost.

Correction: Harry's vision included heraldry associated with Ravenclaw House, so he surmised (correctly) that Voldemort's horcrux was an artifact that had once belonged to Rowena Ravenclaw. This turned out to be her Lost Diadem, which her daughter Helena (AKA the Grey Lady) had stolen long ago, only for Voldemort to recover and hide in the Room of Requirement.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Ron and Hermione is taking the fang from the basilisk the ribs show the snake upside down. Ron takes the fang from the bottom (although it looks like the top, as it's upside down). Fangs only come out from the top.

Correction: In snakes they do, but this isn't a snake. It's a basilisk, a fictional creature whose anatomy is completely at the whim of the film makers.

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Correction: So can many other items that have appeared in the series. The Room of Requirement is in its "storage room" mode, and it is the most likely place that the chess piece, as well as many other objects (that were also seen in the films) would be stored.

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Corrected entry: In the '19 years later' scene Harry and Ginny have three kids, two from themselves, and one is the son of Lupin and Tonks, so that kid must be about 19 years old. Instead, both in the book and in the movie he is the same age as Harry and Ginny's other 2 kids.

Correction: Sorry, but this is incorrect. Harry and Ginny have three biological children: James Sirius (the eldest at about 13-years-old), Albus Severus (the middle child who is eleven), and Lily Luna (the youngest, aged nine). That is who is seen at the train station. Harry is godfather to Remus and Tonk's son, Teddy Lupin, who would be almost 20, but he was raised by his widowed maternal grandmother, Andromeda Black Tonks (sister to Bellatrix Lestrange and Narcissa Malfoy). Teddy was close to Harry, and often visited with him and Ginny while growing up. In the book, Teddy was at the train station seeing off his girlfriend, Victoire Weasley, Fleur and Bill's daughter. If he is at the train station in the film, he is not identified, nor is it mentioned in the film that Harry is Teddy's godfather.

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Corrected entry: When the trio first enter Bellatix's Gringotts vault, Harry says 'lumos' to light his wand, yet the spell also lights both Ron and Hermionie's wands as well, which is impossible.

Correction: Harry casts "Lumos" verbally whereas Hermione and Ron cast their spell non-verbally.


Corrected entry: After the confrontation between McGonagall and Snape in the Great Hall, Snape gives up and flies off, taking the two Carrow siblings with him. But in the next two scenes, they are still lying unconscious on the floor.

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Correction: This is incorrect. When Snape escapes, he does not take either Carrow with him, and one is clearly seen lying on the floor to the left as he crashes through the window. The other Carrow is obscured by the dark mist, but you can seen him lying there unconscious.

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Corrected entry: When Harry, Ron and Hermione jump off the dragon they used to escape from the bank, Harry's glasses remain still on his head even after falling into the water from that incredible height.


Correction: Throughout the series Harry's glasses have clinged to his head in circumstances where you would think they should have fallen off. Most notably in the diving scenes during "Goblet of Fire" and "Half Blood Prince". Apparently they fit so securely that they stay on, even when diving into water.

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Corrected entry: When Fred and George stand next to each other, they both appear to have two ears. However, George should be minus one. Snape had cursed it off in Deathly Hallows, part 1.

Correction: The twin on the left has a gnarled stump in place of a left ear (his left, not the viewer's).

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Corrected entry: When the trio enters the room of requirements with Neville, there are many Hogwarts students that were a student at Hogwarts that year. Cho Chang was in there. It has been told that Cho is one year ahead of Harry. So if it were going to be Harry's 7th year, Cho shouldn't be a student, she should have graduated the year before.

Correction: It is NEVER stated in the film series that Cho Chang is one year ahead of Harry at Hogwarts. While that is true in the books, it does not apply to the films, and is therefore not considered a movie mistake. Book-film discrepancies are not mistakes. Please stop submitting this.

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Corrected entry: Why is there snow in Hogsmeade when the trio gets there and meets Aberforth? Hogsmeade and Hogwarts are within walking distance of each other, yet there is no snow at Hogwarts.

Correction: According to interviews with Rowling, Hogsmeade is above the snow line, so there would always be snow there, no matter the weather at Hogwarts.


Corrected entry: When Harry is viewing Snape's memories in the pensive, there's a scene where Snape is talking to Dumbledore and Snape casts Lily's patronus. Dumbledore was already supposed to be dead during that scene, because the patronus went to Harry's aide at the frozen lake from Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 1. Dumbledore had died in the previous movie before that.


Correction: You are confusing two different events. This scene definitely took place before Dumbledore's death, but it is not the same time as when Snape sent the patronus to Harry. Snape is merely showing Dumbledore that his patronus' shape is still a doe, the same as Lily Potter's was. It is Snape's way of telling Dumbledore that he still deeply loves Lily, even many years after her death. When Snape sent the patronus to Harry, it is much later and after Dumbledore had died. There is a brief "flashback" scene inter-cut within this showing when Harry saw the doe patronus in the woods that led him to the Sword of Gryffindor. This was not Snape's memory, but it is Harry's, and it is meant to tie the two incidents together and reveal that it was Snape who had sent the patronus and the sword to Harry in part 1.

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Corrected entry: When Harry first yells at Snape in Hogwarts, he is wearing a school cloak, yet after Snape leaves he is wearing his jacket and shirt.


Correction: He was wearing the cloak over his own clothes to blend into the crowd. After revealing his presence, he no longer needed to disguise himself and cast the cloak off. He is seen doing so when McGonagall relights the Great Hall. It's lying on the floor.

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Corrected entry: Cho Chang is the one who tells Harry about Rowena's tiara. However, we've previously been told that Cho is a year older than Harry, and Harry is now in year 7, which would make Cho year 8, which doesn't exist.

Correction: It is NEVER stated in the movies that Cho is a year older than Harry or what year she is in. She was one year ahead of Harry in the books only, but that does not apply to the films. This fact was previously pointed out in the "Deathly Hallows Part 1" Movie Mistakes section.

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Corrected entry: McGonagall directs Filch to take the Slytherins to the dungeons. However, when Malfoy apparates into the castle, he grabs Goyle and Blaise Zambini while they are running. They should be in the dungeons with the rest of Slytherin House.

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Correction: Just because Filch took them to the Slytherin common room doesn't mean that they stayed there. It's not as if Filch has any way to keep them in the dungeon.


Corrected entry: When the killing curse rebounds and hits Voldemort, you can't see the curse even coming within a foot of him or his wand.


Correction: The curse is killing him by breaking through the cracks in the wand, formed in an earlier scene. This is why his hand decomposes before the rest of him.

Corrected entry: In the epilogue, when the older Harry and Ginny see off their children at Kings Cross Station, there is a shot of the St. Pancras clock tower. There are two different times on the sides of the clock.


Correction: The times on both visible faces are the same, the angle of observation just makes them look different.

Corrected entry: After Harry has fallen from Hagrid's arms and reveals he is alive, Voldemort tries to cast spells his way. After this they show a shot of Lucius, then back to Voldemort. Afterwards, Draco is grabbing his mother's left hand to leave, but later when they show Lucius catching up with them, Draco is holding her right hand.


Correction: There was quite a bit of distance traveled by them in between the time Draco first grabs Narcissa's arm when they are leaving Voldemort's group to the time you see Lucius running after them. At any time they could have stopped and change places.

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Corrected entry: In the scene where Molly Weasley and Bellatrix Lestrange are dueling, Molly makes the first move and casts a spell at Bellatrix. After Bellatrix retaliates the same scene that was used when Molly casts the first spell is used again.

Correction: Molly just used the same spell so it just looks the same.

Continuity mistake: When Voldemort kills Lily, she is wearing a sweater with high neck, long sleeves and it's red. When Snape comes in the room and sees Lily dead on the floor, she is wearing a blue blouse.


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Harry Potter: You'll stay with me?
Lily Potter: Always.
Sirius Black: Until the end.

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Trivia: In the scene where Hagrid has dropped a "dead" Harry Potter, look quickly at George. He turns his head to the right and yells "Fred!" Fred has already been killed by Bellatrix Lestrange so it seems he may have forgotten this in a moment of grief.

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Question: I don't really understand how Voldemort dies. The scene shows Harry and Voldemort fighting with the two spells - Expelliarmus and Avada Kedavra - and the spells collide. Then Harry disarms Voldemort and catches the wand, and then Voldemort just dies. Can anyone tell me why he dies?

Answer: It's a little complicated. Voldemort actually died by his own hand, though unintentionally. Voldemort believed he commanded the Elder Wand and cast the Avada Kedavra curse at Harry with it. However, Harry was actually the Elder Wand's master. Because wands are somewhat sentient, the Elder Wand recognized Harry as his master, so the killing curse rebounded off him, and went back to Voldemort, striking him dead. All of Voldemort's Horcruxes had been destroyed, so he was no longer protected by them. At the same time, Harry cast the Expelliarmus charm, causing the Elder Wand to be ejected from Voldemort's hand into his.

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