Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1

Corrected entry: In the scene after Ron destroys the locket, he tells Harry "Only three Horcruxes left". There are seven horcruxes and only three have been destroyed, so there would really be four left.

Correction: Spoiler alert: This is a bit confusing. Yes, there are seven Horcruxes, but Voldemort only meant to create six: Tom Riddle's diary, the Peverell ring, Slytherin's locket, Hufflepuff's cup, Ravenclaw's diadem (tiara), and Voldemort's snake, Nagini. Voldemort always intended to have seven soul pieces (seven being the most magical number), the six Horcruxes mentioned above, and the one remaining in his body. When Voldemort cast the killing curse at baby Harry, a piece of Voldemort's soul was unintentionally sheared off and embedded into Harry (possibly in his scar), and leaving him with certain abilities, such as speaking Parseltongue. The curse then rebounded, destroying Voldemort's body. Technically, Harry is the seventh (and accidental) Horcrux, though only Dumbledore and Snape realized this, and Harry will learn this later when he views Snape's memory in the penseive. From everyone else's perspective (including Voldemort), there are only six Horcruxes, three have been destroyed (diary, ring, and locket), and three more (cup, diadem, and Nagini) must be found. In total, there are eight soul pieces. If the soul shard within Harry is not destroyed, then Voldemort cannot be killed.

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However, in The half blood Prince, Tom Riddle asks Slughorn, could someone split their souls 7 times, meaning he was planning on making 7 Horcruxes all along, not 6.

No, he said "can you split your soul only once? For instance into 7?", the memory is not fully whole I'd say but Slughorn does confirm it, he was considering to split it into 7 pieces, not 7 times.


Exactly as you said, Tom Riddle told about parting the soul into seven pieces, not making 7 Horcruxes! That being said, Voldermort split his soul into 7 pieces, one inside his own and the rests (6) into Horcruxes, which implies having 3 other Horcruxes left to be destroyed (Cup, Diadem, Nagini).

Corrected entry: When all the Harrys say "Wow. We're identical.", they all sound like Harry. However later we hear a girl's voice say "Look away, I'm hideous" when they're changing clothes. Also, in The Chamber Of Secrets, when Harry and Ron take Polyjuice Potion, they still have their voices and Harry says, "You still sound like yourself. You need to sound more like Crabbe."

Correction: The only ones who say "Wow, we're identical, " are the twins, Fred and George. They're playing ironic surprise that they look identical, as if they never have before. And if you listen, it's definitely their voices.

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Corrected entry: When Harry and Hagrid are driving onto the road, it appears they are going the same way as the traffic, but suddenly it changes and they are going the opposite way (see 14.54-15.15 mins).

Correction: They're called "lanes". In one "lane" traffic travels in one direction and, at the same time, traffic travels in the opposite direction in the other "lane". Harry and Hagrid make a quick evasive maneuver, putting them into the oncoming traffic.

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Corrected entry: Early in, after everyone who has taken the potion changed into Harry look-a-likes and they all set off for the Burrow, you see a shot of Mad Eye on his broom coming up next to Harry and Hagrid, but Mundungus Fletcher was never on the broom with him, as they discussed before leaving Privet Drive.


Correction: Mad eye never said ride on my broom...he said stay close I want to keep a eye on you.

Corrected entry: In the scene at the beginning of the movie with Hermione in her bedroom it is raining as shown through her window. But when she leaves her house and walks down the street, it is clear that it is not raining and that it has not been raining at any time recently, due to the dry street.


Correction: When Hermione leaves her parents' house there are wet patches on the path and drive leading to the garage and puddles along both sides the road. As Hermione walks up the road reflections of the cloud can be seen in the puddles.

Corrected entry: When Harry is about to jump in the lake, he places Hermione's wand at the edge of the hole in the ice. When he jumps in, the hole in the ice broadens. Based on the original placement of the wand, it would have fallen into the water, but Harry doesn't appear to retrieve it. He has the wand again when he and Ron return to their camping area.

Correction: The hole does not change size. That'd be very amazing if it did. What happens is much more boring. When Harry submerges into the frozen pond, he causes a wave of water to be pushed up and out onto the top of the ice. That's it. So if anything, Hermione's wand would have been pushed away from the hole by the flow of water.

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Corrected entry: When Harry zips up Ginny's dress and they then kiss, her hair changes to the way the camera is pointing at them.


Correction: Her hair stays over her right shoulder from every angle.

Corrected entry: When Bathilda Bagshot changes into the snake (Nagini) when Harry and Hermione have come to visit her, Hermione cast 1 or 2 spells who both affect Nagini. But because Nagini is a horcrux she shouldn't be. In the second part of Deathly Hallows at the great battle, Nagini is trying to kill Hermione and Ron just before Neville cuts her head off. At that moment Ron is casting a spell, but Nagini is not affected and just goes on like he should be. Also when Hermione trows a stone to Nagini, she isn't affected.

Correction: Even though Nagini is a horcrux, she, being a living being, can still be affected (though not killed) by magical spells, just as Harry, also carrying a horcrux, was when Voldemort's killing curse struck him near the movie's end, knocking him out. Ron used the same spell (confringo) that Hermione cast at Nagini earlier, but hers was stronger and unexpected. Ron, still less accomplished magically than Hermione and Harry, was attempting to get away and cast a weaker spell. Nagini, being sentient, seeing Ron, and was not taken by surprise, thus lessening the spell's effect. Also Hermione threw the stone to distract Nagini, not to inflict injury. Also, Bathilda didn't change into a snake. Nagini had killed Bathilda and was inside her dead body, animating it to walk. Nagini then slithers out through Bathilda's mouth and her body crumples to the floor.

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Corrected entry: During the beginning at Malfoy Manor, Voldemort uses his wand to glide Charity Burbage over the table until she is very close to its end. He murders her, and she falls onto the table, very near to Voldemort, and where Draco Malfoy is sitting. However, when Nagini crawls onto the table, she slithers well past Draco, where the body is supposed to be lying, and lunges for the kill. (00:08:55)


Correction: Charity Burbage is beyond the opposite end from Voldemort, and he glides her just onto the far end, then kills her. Draco is looking away from him, towards the body. As such Nagini having to go past Draco is correct.

Corrected entry: When Xenophilius Lovegood draws the Deathly Hallows, his resurrection stone is a misshapen circle, but when the camera cuts away and comes back, it is perfect.


Correction: It has already been pointed out that the symbol Xeno is seen drawing appears different from the close-up shot.

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Corrected entry: In the ending credits, when they show the names of the students going to Hogwarts on the train, there are two names that should not be there: Cho Chang and Katie Bell. Both of them graduated the previous year. The first time code is for the train and the second is for the credits. (00:46:00 - 02:19:10)

Correction: While that is true in the books, the films never state that either Cho or Katie were a year ahead of Harry. There have been many instances where facts in the movies differ from the books. For example, the Patil twins are identical and were sorted into different houses in the books, while in the films, they are either fraternal twins or merely sisters, and both are in Gryffindor.

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Besides, Cho Chang was in HPATDH. She comments on Luna's statement about the Diadem.

Corrected entry: When Lupin says "Voldemort" in the Burrow after they rescued Harry, shouldn't Death Eaters have arrived? The name is already taboo, as proved when the trio is in the cafe after the wedding.

Correction: As the Burrow is heavily associated with the Order of the Phoenix, it's likely that the name is said there quite frequently. The house is also extremely well-protected, both with enchantments and by those wizards and witches that might be present, making any attempt to take a look at who said the name hazardous without a large force. On the other hand, the name being said in an unprotected and unremarkable Muggle cafe in the middle of London would stand out as an anomaly, warranting swift investigation.

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Corrected entry: In the shot in which Harry is approaching the frozen river his wand is glowing before he has a chance to say the spell "Lumos."

Correction: It's possible to cast spells without speaking. This is touched on in the books, but even in this movie, every time there is a battle, people are casting many spells without the verbal incantation. Obviously, it's better to cast a spell without speaking if you're dueling, so your opponent has less time to react or counter.

Corrected entry: When Fred arrives at the Weasley's home after battle with Voldemort at the beginning of the movie, you can see him put his glasses on right before taking them off.


Correction: Being as Fred was using polyjuice potion to impersonate Harry, who is very near-sighted, Fred's eyes may not have completely returned to normal yet, and he could have momentarily needed to put them back on to see properly, then took them off again as the potion's effect wore off. Hermione, also a Harry decoy, was earlier heard commenting about how bad Harry's eyesight is as she was putting on the glasses.

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Corrected entry: When Harry first breaks the ice, it is a rectangular-shape. Then, after he gets undressed and comes back to the hole he made in the ice, it is oval-shaped.

Correction: This is true, but there's a part when, I think when he jumps in, but you see water spilling over. if you look close, that's all the oval is, water surrounding the rectangular break in the ice.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Harry's friends drink Polyjuice Potion, they all put on a red shirt and a grey sweater. Only the real Harry, when talking to Mad-Eye, can be seen changing into a grey shirt. However, in the following escape scene, the real Harry is wearing the same outfit as everybody else.

Correction: Harry is changing out of the grey shirt. He is busy putting on pants and hasn't gotten to the shirt.

Corrected entry: During Dobby's buriel, a pile of sand removed to form the hole can be seen. They then fill the hole, yet none of the sand from the pile has moved by the time they have finished and are sitting around his grave.


Correction: There is always soil (or in this case sand) left over after a burial. It's not as compressed as it was before they dug it all up and of course the body takes up space as well.

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Corrected entry: When Snape arrives to the meeting with the Death Eaters, there are two empty chairs next to each other but from alternate angles it is clear that the chairs on either side of Snape are full.


Correction: When Snape first arrives there is only one empty chair, the second chair from the corner, to Voldemort's left. Both the first and third chairs are occupied in all shots.

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Corrected entry: In the scene at the lake when Harry sees the Sword of Gryffindor, when he jumps into the water he still has his glasses on. After Ron pulls him out of the frozen lake he has to put his glasses on to see who saved him, which are lying on the ground.

Correction: After he is pulled out of the lake his glasses fall off due to the force of the pull, hence why they are in front of him directly.

Corrected entry: Near the beginning of the film, Lupin grabs Harry and asks him "What creature sat in the tank the first time Harry Potter came into my office?" to which Harry replies "A Grindylow." However, from the film's perspective, Harry never saw the Grindylow because that particular scene was omitted.


Correction: At some point, Harry would have gone into Lupin's office for the first time. Just because that scene wasn't directly represented in the film, it doesn't mean that it didn't occur off-screen.

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Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1 mistake picture Video

Continuity mistake: When Xenophilius draws the Deathly Hallows symbol, he draws it so that the bottom of the line touches the bottom of the circle. The shot cuts away and back again when he draws the triangle, but the line is no longer touching the bottom of the circle. (01:49:40)


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Question: Ron, Harry, and Hermione use polyjuice potion a lot. I'm confused as to how this is. In The Chamber of Secrets it is revealed that it takes a month to make. It would seem unlikely that Hermione would carry around a cauldron and potion ingredients and waste a month making the potion after they had a plan. If Hermione had made them over the summer, she would have only had time to make a few before she would have to leave with Harry and Ron. How do they get all their polyjuice potion?

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Chosen answer: It's explained a little more in the book. Hermione swiped Mad-Eye Moody's stock of the potion when Mrs. Weasley wasn't looking. And it's possible that, when they ran low, she simply replicated it with a Doubling Charm.

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