Audio problem: When Marmaduke throws the party, a turntable falls on the floor and a needle scratch on a vinyl is heard, but the image shows no tonearm nor needle sliding on the record.

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Continuity mistake: In L.A., Marmaduke jumps on the bed and lays by its edge on a brown quilt. The position of his legs and body keeps changing between shots.

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Continuity mistake: Marmaduke leaves home and places a cell phone on the soccer t-shirt. The morning after the phone is in a different position, despite the whole family being asleep.

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Other mistake: The huge amount of toothpaste on the cat's head manages to disappear completely in a nano second, with the mere lick of his tiny tongue.

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Continuity mistake: At the party, the amount of hair and damages on the cat's tail keep changing back and forth between shots.

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Deliberate mistake: In the scene where Marmaduke runs over Don Towmbly, you can "see" the soft mat where he lands on his face: it wobbles.

Marmaduke: This is my stepbro, Carlos. Say hey, Carlos.
Carlos: Hey, Carlos.
Marmaduke: He's pretty cool for a cat. Which helps, since he's kinda my only friend.

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