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Miller: Mr. O'Brien wants me to take a test of you right away.
Harold Hall aka Trouble: Well, I don't understand. He practically threw me out.
Miller: You don't want to pay any attention to Mr. O'Brien. He's like that one minute, the next minute he'll want to kiss you. I think he's nuts.

Miller: What kind of parts do you play?
Harold Hall aka Trouble: Aw, heroes.
Miller: Well, that means we gotta get a dame.

Miller: Hey, girlie! Come here.

Margie: Say, what do you think that guy Wolf just pulled on me? He said I had no sex appeal. Look at me! I got nothin' but sex appeal.
Miller: All right, I'll give you a chance to prove it. I gotta make a test of the new guy and you can be in it.
Margie: Will Wolf see it?
Miller: Sure.
Margie: Then lead me to it, baby! I'll show you flame enough to burn that bird up alive.

Miller: Say, Myrtle, where's this Harold Hall?
Myrtle, O'Brien's Receptionist: Oh, he just went out the door. He's squirrelly.

Continuity mistake: When Harold climbs in the window of his house, his car rolls away to the right. After hearing the crash, he runs back to the window and looks out - to the right, where he sees the wreck. But that's the wrong direction. From inside the house, the wreck should be to the left. (00:08:00)

Jean G
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