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Corrected entry: In the scene where Lee pays a visit to Paul on the basketball court, he and Lacy are both wearing helmets. Lacy gets off the bike and after a little taunting, Lee drives forward. As he rides away from Lacy his helmet is on, there is a cut scene, and suddenly his helmet is off and Lacy is walking away with it. (00:46:20)


Correction: As Lacey gets off the bike both helmets are off. We then see Christmas drive forward with no helmet on.

Corrected entry: When Jet Li and Sylvester Stallone are in the pick up truck just before the chase, the close up of them shows the reflection of the camera in the rear window. It is seen focusing and the lens rotating. (00:59:35)

Correction: What you see is the center of the steering wheel. It rotates when the wheel turns.

Corrected entry: When the whole team flies to the island to rescue the girl, the plane body is black. However, when they fly back in the end of the movie, the plane has the "wildlife" inscriptions again.

Correction: The plane always has the Wildlife insignia on it. However due to it being dark, it makes it hard to see.

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Corrected entry: When Bruce Willian, Arnold, and Stallone are talking in the church, Arnold mentions that Stallone would prefer the job since he likes playing in jungles. This is a reference to the Rambo movies.

Correction: This is a very obvious joke for anyone to see viewing the movie. It's not even remotely trivia.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Mickey Rourke is adding to the tattoo on Sylvester Stallone's back, it appears Rourke has invented some kind of new motor for tattoo guns, as it appears to be silent. and not the annoying mosquito buzzing of the usual tattoo gun. (01:00:00 - 01:00:30)

Correction: There are guns out there that run almost silent they are rotor driven rather than the old motor.

Corrected entry: In the scene where they sprayed the petrol from the plane and then set it to fire, only the petrol at the platform catches fire, not the one which was still dropping from the plane.

Correction: If the fuel is running out faster than the flames can burn the vapors, it will not race up the fuel column. In fact, if it does, it's a movie contrivance. See the Mythbusters episode concerning exactly this scenario.

Corrected entry: After revealing the FBI roots of the operation, the 3 main heroes decide to cancel the Vilena mission on the basis that they all will be killed afterwards before having any chance to enjoy the money. However, they still complete the mission and apparently, receive the money, since Sly gives account details to the girl.

Correction: So the CIA (not the FBI) made good on their promise. It's not a plot hole.

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Continuity mistake: Paine punches Sandra and bruising appears immediately. However, when we see Sandra shortly after, she has no bruising at all. (00:56:20 - 00:57:05)


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Hale Caesar: What happened to you?
Barney Ross: I got my ass kicked.

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Trivia: Sylvester Stallone sustained 14 injuries during filming, including breaking a tooth, rupturing his ankle and getting a hairline fracture in his neck that required the surgical insertion of a metal plate. He even had bronchitis and shingles during the shoot.

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Question: Where did they get their training? I assume Christmas was SAS, but what about everyone else?

Answer: The back stories of the individual members of the team have never been elaborated upon. It is never stated where the members received training.


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