I Love You Phillip Morris
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Phillip Morris: Enough romance. Let's fuck.

Cleavon: My fuckin' word is MY motherfuckin' bond.

Steven Russell: I'm gay. I'm a huge fag. Faggot! That's what they're gonna call me.
Ambulance Attendant: If you say so, sir.

Steven Russell: Fucking Texas.

Steven Russell: Pardon my french. My mother smoked during pregnancy.

Steven Russell: I love you, Phillip Morris! I love you.

Steven Russell: Love sure is a funny thing. Makes you happy, makes you sad, makes you do all sorts of things you never thought you'd do before. In fact, love's the reason I'm lying here dying.

Other mistake: In a scene toward the end of the film, there is a shot showing a calendar with the month March 1998. It shows Friday as being the 13th (reference to Philip Morris' birthday), but Saturday appears as the 15th. Did the actual month of March, 1998 not contain the 14th?

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