Mission: Impossible 2

Plot hole: Ambrose wants to spread a deadly virus so he can make loads of money selling the cure. To this end, he drops off infected Nyah in the middle of the city to get this going. For this to work it would have to a highly contagious airborne virus. However none of the characters are worried about being near Nyah after she is infected. Even the scientist who created it smuggled it out by infecting himself and then getting on very long commercial flight.

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Suggested correction: That's because she's not to that stage of the infection yet. The point of getting to her by a certain time is to cure her before she becomes contagious. She's not there yet but is basically a walking time bomb.

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Continuity mistake: The tyres on the crotch rocket motorcycles they were riding kept changing from knobbly tyres to road slicks, back and forth depending on what terrain they were on. Easiest to see when Ethan skids on the road to avoid the white van - clear shot of slick tyres - then about 30 seconds later they're on the dirt, he skids into the old car and you can easily see that he's got off-road tyres front and back.

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Ethan Hunt: You turned around.
Nyah Nordoff-Hall: What are you going to do? Spank me?

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Trivia: When Nyah is trying to convince Ethan to shoot her, she says "Do it. Now!" There is still about forty minutes left in the movie, but those are the last words she says.

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