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The Wolfman (2010) is a lavish reboot of the original classic film that has nearly all of the ingredients for a hit-great cast, scenery and sets, costumes and music-but not the best screenplay and lacking in suspense and surprises. The practical effects actually outshine the CGI visuals, and the murky atmosphere doesn't hide Joe Johnston's directorial pacing or the script's inability to make the characters more compelling. In short, it's a movie that could and should have been better, but the various parts just didn't add up to more than some gory, snarling whole with an odd, emotional disconnect.

Erik M.

Factual error: When Talbot is first in Gwen Conliffe's shop in London, there is a vase of flowers containing Stargazer lilies. The Stargazer lily wasn't created until 1978 by Leslie Woodriff.

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Gwen Conliffe: It is said, there is no sin in killing a beast, only in killing a man. But where does one begin and the other end?

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Trivia: Makeup artist Rick Baker has a cameo appearance in this film. He's the man who whistles to his comrades who are approaching the gypsy camp then a few seconds later, gets killed by the werewolf.

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Question: Can someone translate what Sir John said after Lawrence told him he should pray?

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