Continuity mistake: When we first see Agent Holloway viewing the crime scene photos taped to the wall, he is facing camera looking at transparent pictures on a transparent wall (as if we are behind that wall, seeing through it). When the angle changes to see the Agent from behind, the photos are now paper photos on a normal, opaque wall and the pictures are arranged somewhat differently - most notably to Holloway's right near the top where two wider photos are vertically aligned atop and below each other in the second shot when they were misaligned in the first shot by nearly half their width. The transparency versus opaque materials issue is a stylistic choice of the director and not a mistake, but the mismatched alignments is a mistake. (00:11:25)


Bobbi Prescott: We were pretty sure we didn't get the job.
Officer Degrasso: Wait wait wait wait wait, you mean they didn't hire you on the spot?
Bobbi Prescott: Oh no, we weren't interviewing to be cops.

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