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Misery is an adaptation of a Stephen King bestseller that pits an unstable self-proclaimed #1 fan named Annie Wilkes against a popular author Paul Sheldon, played disturbingly by Kathy Bates and a tormented James Caan, respectively. Annie grows furious when her favorite character is killed and the latest book by Sheldon offends, so she wants him to address these slights, or else! What follows is a battle for survival to the death as he realises the demented Annie won't let him leave. It's a frightening look at the dangers celebrities sometimes face from psychotic stalkers/fans. For Halloween or any time a good psychological horror-thriller is needed, watch Misery.

Erik M.

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Annie Wilkes: Oh forgive me Paul for prattling away and making everything all oogy.

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Question: Is there any reference to where Annie Wilkes goes at night when she is angry or depressed?

Answer: According to the book, she goes to what she calls her "laughing place" (itself a reference to the Disney movie "Song of the South" in which brer rabbit sings about having a "laughing place. A "laughing place" is where he goes when he's feeling blue, to cheer himself up. We can presume Annie has some cabin or clearing in the woods where she has made her own "laughing place.

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