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The Last Station (2009)

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Corrected entry: Tolstoy was an ardent vegetarian, but in one scene at the house where his followers live, a woman is plucking a chicken.

Correction: Not all of his followers may be vegetarians. Besides, I have a vegetarian friend who will go so far as to cook meat for non-vegetarian friends.


Factual error: In the dinner scene with Helen Mirren and James MacAvoy, she was playing a gramophone recording of "Un Bel Di" from 'Madame Butterfly,' and the year was 1910. The opera was not recorded until much later.

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Sofya Tolstaya: Oh, Leovochka, why do you insist on dressing like that?
Leo Tolstoy: What do you mean, like what?
Sofya Tolstaya: Like a man who looks after the sheep.
Leo Tolstoy: It wasn't meant to offend you.
Sofya Tolstaya: You're a count, for God's sake.

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