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Corrected entry: Throughout the movie, Mel Gibson uses a New York accent. His character is supposed to be a native Bostonian.

Correction: Not so - I think whoever wrote this is not sure of either accent, but it sounds good enough to me.

Correction: Jack is a nickname for John, like Bill for William or Bob for Robert, etc.


Other mistake: After Craven shoots the driver of the car that took his car door off, you can see that there is no gas tank underneath the car.


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Senator Jim Pine: I am a United States senator!
Jedburgh: By what standards?

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Trivia: Martin Campbell also directed the British TV serial from which the film is adapted.

Cubs Fan

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Question: How and when did Thomas Craven get poisoned? He was already sick before he got tasered, kidnapped and taken to the Northmoor facility.


Chosen answer: Possibly from getting his daughter's blood on him, when he accepted a drink from the Northmoor executive, or from handling his daughter's radioactive belongings. Given the depth of the coverup, they may have even anticipated that she'd come to him and broken into his house and poisoned him before the story even began.

Captain Defenestrator

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